You're my kryptonite

Brooke Vendos is a girl in her young twenties who wont let anything stop her from following her dreams of becoming a singer. Her parents went missing when she was only a kid, and is taught how to sing by her auntie who is a music teacher. When Brooke wins x-factor, everything changes. Just as she thinks nothing can make her loose track now, she meets Harry, and falls madly inlove.

This my first fan fiction so tell me what you think! xo


3. everything revealed. Literally.

Disclaimer: Hey guys! I decided to write the next chapter as i'm home sick, waah :( But i hope you like it! I might write the next chapter today as well if i'm up for it. And just a slight warning, there's a bit of nudity in here. cheeky ;) haha love you guys xoxo

love cj xo

-Harry's P.O.V-

Why hadn't she been screaming of joy yet? Why wasn't she attacking me with hugs and comments on how I'm her inspiration? I don't normally get this kind of reaction from girls, specially new found singers. She clearly knows who i am, she said my name! I feel like she's playing with me, making me want her. and flackin' hell, it's definitely working.

Her eyes were a beautiful green, and her lips a light pink. He brown hair curled down past her shoulders, and her skin tanned and smooth. I know this sounds cheesy, but she looked like an angel. The most beautiful person i have every laid eyes on.

“How bout you come inside and I’ll make you some tea. You can borrow some of my sweatpants and a loose shirt. After all you did save my life” Brooke startled me as i thought she wanted me to leave her alone. I did make her fall into the pool with all her clothes on after all. I decided to go along with it and act normal.
“I guess that makes me your hero or something Miss Vendos” i had a slight smile on my lips as i gazed into her eyes.
"don't flatter yourself styles, you're also the one who put me in danger in the first place"

-Brooks P.O.V-

I swiped my key across the scanner and the light turned green. I pushed opened the door and flicked on the lights, and continued to walk inside as Harry followed. I opened my wardrobe and grabbed 2 pairs of sweat pants and 2 shirts.
"these should fit, i always buy bigger sized shirts and sweatpants. It's more comfy" i said as i chucked them towards harry.
"thanks" he replied.
he seemed different to when i met him 10 minutes ago. He seemed concerned about something.
I caught myself staring at him when he began to lift his shirt. My eyes couldn't control themselves.
'stop it brooke!' i thought to myself. but oh my god, he was like a sex god.
"your turn" Harry cheekily said while passing me a wink. I could feel my cheeks burning red, both with extreme embarrassment and disgust.
"i was just wondering if they fit. Nice try though styles" I slowly backed towards the bathroom and shut the door. i removed my wet clothes and threw them in a pile. SHIT. I had left my dry clothes on the bed! I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body, holding it at the top. I slowly opened the bathroom door, and with luck saw no one there. 'He must've left. Here's my chance!'

I made a run for the bed and snatched up my clothes. I was in such a hurry to get back to the bathroom, but as i turned i bumped straight into Harry. In shock i dropped my towel revealing my entire naked body as i fell to the floor. He was still shirtless at this point, and was only wearing his boxers, which made everything 10 times for intense. I have to say, this is the most embarrassing thing i have ever experienced.

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