radio rebels

hi i'm rose i'm tara's sister, i'm quiet but i can be bubbly and SO much fun. One day i walked in on my sister doing a broadcast on her show, radio rebel. You'll find out why i called this story radio rebels if you read it!


1. my backstory (don't skip this)

Hi im Rose, Tara's little sister by 2 minutes, i don't look exactly like her but we have the same hair and eye color and skin color. one day i was walking past my sisters bedroom and i saw her door open so i decided to see what she was doing. i stuck my head in and SHE my SISTER was doing the radio rebel show, it my FAVOURTIE show and now that i know SHE dose it i decided to walk in and close the door behind me. i tap her and mouthed "hey" she looked at me then at her laptop and said "well im going to put on an extra long track for you guys, here it is!" then she turned to me, took off her equipment and sat next to me on her bed. "i can explain," she started but i cutted her off " no need to explain, all i want is to be a part in your show, you let me do that and i wont tell EVERYONE at school." i said and she looked suprised "ok..." she said and we sit over by her laptop, and started the show. thats the short/long story of how it became radio rebels NOT radio rebel. anyway i like this kid at school his name is josh, he looks like channing tatum but with brown hair, he loves drama and music, hes a good singer and a good songwrighter. but the thing i like about him most is that he has a great personality, hes nice to everyone, even the geeks and me and my twin and he isn't afraid to stand up for him self or others. anyway i think its time to start the story now. 

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