The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


6. secert flat shh!

Kates p o v

"How much longer are they gonna be in there!" I asked loudly "not sure" said chels "I'm sure they will be done soon" the boys had been called in by Paul a couple of hours ago while us girls are sitting here wondering what pauls going on about. I got up and walked over to the door they have tried to cover it but there is small gap i looked through it and saw the boys. They zayn and louis had blank angry faces but liam niall and harry were crying. Harry started to yell but liam grabbed his shoulder and i dont know what he said next.

Liams p o v

How am i going to kate. What will she say. 

Kates p o v

Finally the boys came out harry looked at chelsea and looked down. He turned around and walked away. Chels got up and hopped up to him in the corner while everyone else just stood around crying

Tiana pov 

Me and kate still sat on the sofa. i felt bad for Chels it was like he cant even look at hes anymore. i decided to break the silence. 'What happened?' i almost whispered. Niall came over and grabbed my hand. 'cmon' he said tugging at my arm. i followed him to a mini room backstage and he closed the door. 
i sat down opposite him and kept my eyes down. 
'Soooo...' i said 
'Paul... he he said that you girls need to stay away from us and all contact must be lost because he said he cant have people like you bringing people like cayden around us..' he said. 
we both just sat there awkwardly. 
'But he cant do that.. can he i mean we have been friends for years..!' i almost shout.
'He can do whatever he likes' Niall crys. he comes and sits by me and raps his arms around me tightly. 
'Please stay with me' he whispers into my ear. 
'I will' i sniff awkwardly. i hate it when people cry sometimes. it feels like i caused it. 
Nialls phone vibrated on the sofa beside Nialls leg. I glanced at it. it said "imessage: Hazza!: Its now or never..." across the screen. 
'what does he mean Now or never?' i giggle. 
'ugghh ernm ah well you see well cos we might be living with the boys for a while i wont have the chance for a while.. well urr.' he paused for a moment
'what do you mean we will be living with the boys'? i ask
'ill explain soon but.. Will you be my girlfriend' He said and for a moment we held our gaze. 
'Sure' i giggled into his chest 'i never thought you would ask' 
'Me neither' he laughed. 
We both laughed a bit then Niall said 
'and we will be living with the boys because i just randomly thought of a plan!! My plan!!' he smiled proudly 
'Are you just gonna dance around saying you have a plan or are you going to tell me!?' i laugh
'im not dancing! dancing is this!' He Gets up and demonstrates "Dancing" and by this he means jumping around like a little kid and waving your arms. 
I laugh 'Very good!' i clap sarcastically. he sits back down.
'ok well we could buy a flat just out of town so when you come to see us in london you can stay there! ' he says. 
'What about Chels and Kate?' i ask. 
'What about them?' he says
'will they come to?' 
'well corse! if you dont mind... you dont mind them do you?' 
'No!! there cool!!' i slap his arm 
'lets get packin' he yells
'Niall shut up remember paul!!' i yell whisper. 
'oh right! oh and one more thing' he states 
'Your beautiful' he smiles 
Gosshhh he made me feel so special and loved! 

Chelsea pov

We all stood at the exit of the x factor holding Mine, Tianas and Kates luggage. 
'GO GO GO!!!' louis yelled
we all leaped into the taxi and drove to the new flat. When we got inside everyone ran like crazy. 'I DOUBLE DIBBS THIS ROOM WHEN WE LEAVE X FACTOR!!' i heard louis yell from a room i guess is now his. Tiana and Niall chose the one at the end. Kate and liam chose the same room because otherwise theres none left. Me and Harry stood in the living room 'What are we waiting for!!' i yelled and ran upstairs to the last room. 'oh i will sleep on the floor the beds all yours!' i say starting to make a bed on the hard ground.
'no you can sleep in the bed.. we both can its not like we suddenly gonna strip and have sex!!' harry jokes.
So i said 'or will we... haha jokes' we both just stood there but then start cracking up. So i jumped on the bed but fell off. Harry started laughing his head off and i said 'its not funny help me up' so he did. I thought it was funny actually but i waited awhile to laugh that when i did laugh Harry looked at me like are you crazy. But after awhile he started to laugh but i fell on the floor cuz i needed to pee and laughed harder eventually Liam came in and said 'SHUT UP im sick of your laughing!' So said more like you want to have alone time with Kate if ya know wat i mean' he got pissed off and walked away so we started laughing again but i was about to piss my pants so i went to the bathroom then hopped in bed and fell asleep.
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