The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


1. is this love at first sight??

this first chapter is guite boring and not very well written please keep reading it gets better!

Kate p o v 

Sittin in algebra bored out of my mind. Watchin the clock tick tock tick tock. 2a + ab equals ''ring ring'' Kate ur needed at the office. YUS! Walking along dragging my feet i wonder what 'BANG!' 

Liams p o v

Walkin bak from the office thinking about what im having for lunch when 'BANG,' i stood upand said ''im so sorry'' but then i saw her face her long brown hair and beautiful  hazel eyes. I helped her up and couldn't help but smile. How have i never noticed this girl!?

Kates p o v

The moment i looked in to his gorgeous brown eyes i ran out of breath. He helped me up '' im s so sorry!'' why am i stuttering i never stutter!! I smiled shyly he smiled back his smile is so gorgeous i have never felt this way well ever! ''whats ur name?'' i ask ''liam'' he replies.

Liams p o v

How bout urs?'' i ask ''Kate'' she replies. ''Have you always gone to this school?'' i ask '' no'' '' i moved here from new zealand about a month ago'' she replied. Her accent was beautiful i was falling in love with this beautiful girl standing right infront of me i wanted her to be mine i have to get to know her first ok calm lets ask her out for a date ok.

Kates pov

What Liam didnt realise was that he was talking out loud so i shyly said to him " of course i will go on a date with you, i would love to get to know you too. I saw him blushing but i didnt mind at all.

Liams pov

I didnt know that i was talking that loud but thank god she said yes that wasnt hard at all. But as she said it i knew my cheeks were burning up hopefully she didnt notice.

Kates pov

I saw him thinking to himself but i didnt mind. The bell rang so we headed out of the office it was lunch time. Li said to me "yes lunch time do you want to sit with me?" so i said yea giggling. We ate our lunch in silence he was so adorable i couldnt help but look at him but he noticed. He didnt say anything until we had finished and he grabbed my hand but i didnt let go.

Liams pov

Thank god she didnt let go but im in love with her so i thought i would show it i hugged her and went to class but i couldnt stop thinking about her i wanted to see her. 

Kates pov

I didnt want to let go of his hand but i had to. I couldnt stop thinking about him when i got a fright the end of the day bell had rung. I Walked out of class and noticed Liam waiting for me he so cute. We walked home together and he took my phone and put his number in i got it back but didnt look at my phone. 

Liams pov

I grabbed her phone put my number in and gave her phone back but she didnt look at the note i had put in it but that was ok so i grabbed her hand again. She finally got to her house and we hugged and said our goodbyes and she went in her house.

Kates pov

When we hugged and said goodbye i didnt want to let go but i had to. I looked at my phone and saw the note he had left it said haee I cant wait ro our date how does 6pm tomorrow sound i really like you and want to get to know you! Ill see you at school tomorrow! Ps your beautiful amd adorable!xx love liam;) i smirked and went to my room.


Chelsea's pov

I was sitting in the art class painting my authentic drawing i had just drawn. I got the violet paint and paintbrush and started to paint when all of a sudden.... Yellow paint had splattered on to my face! All i heard was oohh im sorry!! I looked up to see who it was and i saw Harry with yellow paint in his hands so i got my violet paint and splattered it at him. We had a paint fight but we got stopped as Mrs Rose said "Harry and Chelsea stop being so immature and go get cleaned up right now!!" so we slowly walked to the only bathroom there was. When we got there i started washing my hands when i felt Harry's hands go around mine. So i quickly pulled away and looked at him.

Harry's pov

'im so sorry that was an accident' I said as i felt my cheeks burning up. As i was speaking to Chelsea i couldnt help but look into her eyes and seeing her look into mine. I think im falling in love with her. 

Chelsea's pov

As he was speaking i couldnt stop looking into his eyes they were a beautiful green colour. I finally finished cleaning myself up and walked out the door as the bell rang. I heard Harry call out my name and he said do you want to have lunch with me so i said ok shyly. 

Harrys pov 

I went and got my lunch with Chelsea and we went and sat down as our eyes met again i couldnt help but notice that they were beautiful and had a shine in them. We finally finished lunch and got up. We bumped heads and i said ' im so sorry love' and she looked at me like what did you just say but instead she said its alright. When lunch was over i said bye to her and went to my next class. 

Chelsea's pov

I couldnt help but notice that he said love as he said sorry to me and i couldnt stop thinking about his handsome face and his amazing smile andof  course his beautiful eyes. 

Harrys pov

I couldnt stop thinking about Chelseas beautiful face and smile when finally the end of the day bell rang. I walked out of class and saw Chelsea so i ran up and asked if i could walk home with her and she said yes of course giggling it was an adorable giggle. As we were walking home we didnt stop talking when she said ok this is my house bye! 

Chelseas pov

As i said bye i saw Harrys face a little bit disappointed so i hugged and said im sorry but i have to go but as i was saying that i saw him writing  something down  and he handed it to me. I looked at him and i saw him blushing but it was adorable so i looked at the piece of paper noticing it was Harrys number so i said thanks but as i went to hug him we looked into each others eyes and he said ok i have to go now cya Chels oh can i call you that so i said of course haha giggling i thought we were going to kiss but i guess not so i walked into the house and i couldnt stop thinking about him. I hope i see him tomorrow.


Tiana P.O.V

i hate math. i sat in the math room while mrs ray went on about some x+y thing i couldet be bothered to listen to.

 but i regreted that after she asked us to to a few, i put my hand up and asked for help "Niall since your finshed could you please help Tiana im busy" mrs ray said.

 i looked over at Niall who was heading to me. he gave a smirk and sat down. i kept my eyes on the page while he explained.

 i looked up to see his blue eyes staring into mine. i held my gaze for a few seconds when i realised what i was doing. "i still dont get it" i said staring at the page once more. 

"here ill do it for you" Niall laughed and wrote something in my book then went back to his desk. 

i slid the book back to me and looked at what he wrote. it was the answer.  under it was Nialls phone number and i smiley face.

 i giggled and looked over at him. our eyes met as he was ready staring at me.

 "Tiana is there something rong?" mrs ray growled at me "no miss" i said and smiled at Niall again. 

*10 minutes later*

the bell rang and we all hurried outside for lunch. since the math room was a while away from all the other classes the math people just ate lunch outside the math studio.

 i sat lonered on the grass facing away from everyone else. "hey" i heard someone say behind me. 

i turned to see Niall "you dont mind if i sit with you?" he asked. i nodded and he sat beside me "why are you lonered?" he asked. 

"well i dont know anyone in math" i answered as i took a bite of my smoked chicken sandwich. i felt Nialls eyes staring. 

i looked at him he had his eyes glued to my food. i handed him the sandwich.

 "um here you can have it" i said. "his eyes widned and stuffed it all into his mouth. "yummy! oh dont you live out towards king st?" he asked "yea i do" i replied. "maybe you could walk with me?!" he jumped with joy. 

"i cant sorry im walking with my boyfriend" i answered. Niall frowned as we got released to head off to our other classes.

*after school*

Niall POV 

i walked down the street a good 50 meters from Tiana. we live next door so i have to go this way. 

i watched Tiana and her boyfriend joke down the street. her boyfriend came to a stop and Tiana soon followed. a pink car pulled up. 

Tianas boyfriend slapped her across the face causing her to fall, then he jumped into the can and drove off.

 i ran up to Tiana as she whimpered silently.  i pulled her into a hug and carried her home. 

Tiana POV

Everything ached, Niall carefully carried me home. i hate Cayden. i should never had trusted him he only used me now he slapped me and went off with some other girl. 

Niall set me down at my front door and hugged me again. "Thank you so much" i weakly smiled at him and walked inside to be fussed by mum.

 i quickly explained and went to my room to get changed when a note fell out of my pocket.

 it read a note from Niall that read 'meet me outside at 8' and a smiley face. i silently giggled and put it on my desk.

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