The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


4. good but bad luck

louis pov
i woke up feeling sick hardcore. i glanced over at harry who had his head hangin over the edge of his bed... lucky boy how can he sleep when todays the day...
Kates p o v
Todays the day iv been waitin for! The day i get to c liam again. Its the xfactor finale and liam managed to get a ticket for me. Im on the plane but i almost didnt get here. Some kids at my school were caught smoking and i was near so i got in trouble aswell. My mum freaked and i was grounded. My mum is totally against smoking so i am! So mum grounded me but i cudnt stay away from liam so i left a note and came here my mum has no idea! "We will b landing in about 10 minutes plz expect some turbulence it is windy at. The moment." Omg i hate turbulence its so scary.
*********** Hour later**********
Yay in the airport! I have to get a taxi.
Liam p o v
Im talkin to niall wen i hear "liam!" I turn around and get tackled by a hug! Its kate! I look into her beautiful eyes and i feel so lucky!
Kates p o v
I was running but i couldnt stop so i called out liams name! He turned around and i crashed into him bt he caught me in his arm and we looked into eachothers eyes. I heard two voices. Two girl voices i was about to comment wen i saw niall hug one girl and harry hug the other girl ohhhh so i was introduced to them. "Hi im chelsea! Everyone calls me chels! Im harrys friend" i noticed she was on crutches but ill ask her about that later! "hiya!! im Nialls friend! um.. Nialls over there.. with j..jess" she stuttered to get the last few words out. i followed her depressed gaze to Niall and the other girl i saw hugging before.
Chelsea pov
We talked for ages but Tiana wasn't really talkative she looked quite sad being around Jess but i didn't say anything. They asked me why i was on crutches but i got interrupted as the finale of the x factor was starting and man i was nervous and so were the girls. I was mostly nervous about seeing Harry again
Tiana pov
we watched the boys rock out while they sang torn. the night passed quickly untill the elimination time began. Me, Kate, Chelsea and ugh Jess stood backstage and watched the screen. Mat Cher and 1D stood there while simon spoke. 2nd place of x factor UK 2010 is... CHER LLOYD! eccoed throught the roon while everyone clapped and hugged. next Simon spoke again. 3rd place is.. 1D! i looked over at mat who i think realised that that means he came first. the boys had formed a group circle on stage. they walked off stage and we clapped while they came down the stairs. Jess ran straight to Nialls arms and they uhh yea... Chels hopped on her crutches to harry and Kate ran to liam. i just sat down about to cry. Louis hugged me tight and sat beside me. 'Dont worry about.. that' he said glancing over at Niall and Jess. i have a weak smile. I watched Jess walk away probs headin to the bathroom. Niall ran over to me and grabbed my hand. 'quick.. before Jess comes back' he said pulling me into his dressing room and locking the door. 'im sorry' he cryed into my sholder as he gave mee a Horan hug ^_^. 'F..for what?' i said 'For kissing you then getting with Jess.. .. i... i um..' 'you what Niall...?' 'well ive always wanted to tell you i love you.. and that text erm Zayn didnt send it.. i did.' i was shocked 'Niall. i love you to..' i pulled out of the hug and i just staired into his eyes... His deep blue eyes... came closer to mine. and we Kissed.... like the airport but longer and more real... We both pulled away and he smiled. 'i love you' he whispered. i smiled and we walked to the door. He pulls it open and Jess falls to the floor and looks up at us looking guilty. she pulls the evils at Niall before running away.
'WAIT JESS!' niall ran after her. i just fell to the floor. sometimes i dont get that boy.
louis rushes to my side 'Tiana?!?' he pants 'l.lou..' i cry 'what happened?' he says 'Jess... a..and Niall..' was all i could get out before yelling filled the hallways.. Just not Nialls... or Jesses.. Caydens.
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