The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


3. Getting better?

zayn pov
In 2 days the finals... i cant even think it without feeling faint..

Tiana pov
crying, all ive ever done for the last 5 weeks. i scrolled through twitter and all i saw was pictures of Niall and Jess. the night of the text incident i first saw pics of them at the movies. since then ive seen them hugging, kissing and walking through town. i cant take this i thought Niall liked me because of the kiss now look. my phone rang. "Call from Niall <3 slide to answer" i swiped and pulled the phone to my ear. 'hi..' i sighed 'hey u commin to the finals' he said 'maybe' 'Harry and liams friends are commin' 'yup' 'are you ok?' 'maybe' 'Tiana whats rong??' he said concerned 'nothing' i sighed 'Tiana seriously whats wrong?' 'FUCKING NOTHING!!' i yelled into the phone and dropped it onto my bed putting on speaker. 'just nothing' i whimpered into my pillow 'please babe whats wrong?' he said 'dont call me babe save that for jess' i said still crying. ' oh is that what this is about..?' he said almost whispering. i didnt reply 'Tiana... i love her..' 'i thought u loved me..?' 'why did u think that?' 'i dont know' 'TIANA why did u think that?!?' he said raising his voice. 'i dont know ok i love you ok there happy!'
Niall pov
the end button turned red and my phone turned off. what just happened. this was my fault i loves her i kissed her now im killing her by loving someone else. its true i like jess but i love Tiana. but i just need to pick the right time...
Chelseas pov
I woke up in sooo much pain what happened? I went to get up when pain shot through my leg ouch!! So i quickly laid back down. I heard voices but none ive heard before. All these questions shot through my head which was where am i? Whos here? What happened? Whys my leg in so much pain? When i heard 'hey umm Chelsea?' Yes thats your name well anyway my names Brad, and this is your doctor here he will talk to you now.' 'Hi Chelsea my name is Dr Whilton and you have broken your ankle and you will be on crutches for about 1 month and then you will have
a check up ok?' ' Yes thats fine thank you.'Then Dr Whilton said 'its not me you should be thanking this young man bought you here.I turned to face him so i could say thanks when i stopped as i saw he was really hot wow! Then i said 'thank you so much i really mean that all i can remember is being on a road and i must of nearly got run over but you must of saved me thank you, Brad.'Then he said 'don't worry your welcome its nothing really.'Of course it was he saved my life. I stayed in the hospital for a while talking to Brad hes a real gentleman and hes got an awesome personality my thoughts got interrupted when i got a call from harry so i answered it and he said 'Hae Chels please dont hang up i wanted to know how you are.' So i replied 'don't worry i wanted to talk to you but i couldn't, umm I'm sore how bout u?'Well, what, did you say your sore?' 'Yes i did.' 'Why are you sore?' 'Because, ahh its a long story.' 'Well will you be able to come over for the final?' 'Um im not sure ill have to ask the doctor but i will get.. She'll get back to you ok mate she needs some rest.' 'Wait whos that? ' 'Oh thats Brad he pretty much saved my life.Ok so um got to go ill txt you or ring you when i know ok hope your having fun dont worry about me im fine ok bye!' 'Ummmm ok bye. Well i hope he's not mad at me. 'Oh um DR Whilton will i be able to go on a plane in like two days?' 'Yes you will.' Oh thank god wait should i go what if Harry doesnt want me there ok ill think about it.
Harrys pov
Who is that guy? I want to tell her i love her and i find out that shes sore and theres a guy with her wait what am i thinking maybe she isnt woth that guy. I hope she comes what happens if she doesnt thats when i got a message it said 'haeeeee Harry haha um im allowed to come yay cant wait to see u! Oh btw im on crutches hah broke my ankle nearly got hit but im fine hah cant wait to see you ps not angry at you and the guy in my rooms name is Brad and he's a really nice guy wish you could meet him ok byeeeee! ;) oh good haha just a friend thank god wait did she say she nearly got hit what am i meant to think oh no this is definitely going to...... When Louis came into my room and then i started to cry......

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