The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


5. Get him out!

Chelsea’s Pov

I stood there beside Harry as we looked at each other with shocked faces. I looked around to see everyone else with the same shocked face as me. When I heard Cayden yell ‘get away from her’ to Niall. I heard lots of things getting yelled as they started to get louder. So I decided I would try and break it up but as I hopped over to where they were (as I am in crutches) I saw Cayden go to slap Niall but Tiana got in the way and he slapped her, and her cheek instantly swelled. This made me really angry so I went to go faster this time Harry grabbed my waist so I spun around and he gave Liam my crutches and picked me up bridle style and took me to his dressing room. Once he put me in he said ‘Chels out of everyone you would be the least one I would want to get hurt so please stay in here' he said with his serious tone. 

Kate's p o v

Afta chels left the roomWe heard paul shout "security" and words i never wanted to hear "this isnt over i will come
back and kill every one of u"! I started for the the door but liam took my hand and said "kate, giv tiana and niall some time" but somehow i didnt think that 'time' wud help them.

Liams p o v 

I was really worried wen i heard this coz i dnt want anthin to happen to any of us! But most of all im not goin to let anythin happen to kate becuz i love her and id ratha die before i see anythin happen to her!!!!!

Kates p o v

Harry walked back in and none of us spoke. We all look at eachotha. "Tiana needs me" i said and quikly walked thru the door to see if tiana and niall r alrit.

Niall pov

i cradled Tiana in my arms even thought i know shes mad at me. i know its because she thinks ima player but i dont bring it up.
'wheres jess' she whispers
'she cleared off ages ago and told me not come crawling back' i chuckle.
'im sorry..'
'no im glad shes gone not my type wantin to take it fast.'
Then kate comes in and i move over to let her sit down.
'i know i just met you guys but im really sorry and i hope we can be friends' Kate says and smiles
'yea i hope so' Tiana chuckles
'could i see your cheek?' Kate asks
Tiana removes the ice and i squint as i was hoppin it wasnt that bad. Cayden hit her so hard the skin split and now she had a big gash accross one side of her face.
'What?? is there something on my face??' 
'ill um fix it..' kate says leaving and returning with a first aid kit. she covers it and it looks pro!! 
Then Paul walks in the room 
'Niall we need to talk' he says serious
'ok hold on' i reply
'NIALL NOW!!' he yells back and storms out. i felt like crying from chock and i could see Tiana and Kate could tell because Tiana started to huddle in a ball with Kate hugging her. Paul was never like this. 
This was not going to be an enjoyable next hour. 
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