The day we found love / One Direction fanfiction

Three girls become friends 1D boys and eachother. when it becomes something more the odds happen and people get hurt. when tradgety strikes and leaves people heart broken will they be forgiven? Chelsea desides to take the rong rollercoaster of life she finds herself jumping to conclusions, Tiana and Niall start fighting over the simplest things and Kate finds Liams acting a little strange and fidgety. They find that Cayden has a plan to kill them all...Will they survive the hard times for what was ment to be?


8. Fights, lies and bitchy times

Niall pov 

We all kind of stood there silently and Kate and Louis caught on. 'So where Tiana' kate asked. 'Shes gone i growled not meeting her gaze and walking away. She better feel the pain its mostly her fault of this. im not stupid i know what Tiana was doing she was distracting Liam from Kate flirting with Louis. I walked along the road not really knowing where Tiana was when i heard a mini scream just in the alley ahead. I ran to it poping my head around the corner not being visible. My heart stopped when i saw Cayden standing inches from tiana 'I told you i would be back to kill you' He whispered with his back to me. i took a step and made myself visible. Cayden couldn't see me but Tiana could. Her eyes widened when she saw me but looked back at Cayden so he wouldent see her looking. He raised i knife out of his back pocket. The shine of the blade was blinding, freshly sharpened, could kill someone with a blink. He raised the knife the blade facing up ready to pounce. I dived in and knocked it to the ground, but the blade slicing into my hand, but it flew across the floor hitting the bricks surrounding us. He let go of Tiana and raised his hand ready to hit me. i ducked under it and ran to tiana. i grabbed her hand and made a run for it. We couldent run for long because my blood loss was making me dizzy. We stopped running in a toilet block and i followed Tiana into the girls not bothering much. she grabbed a hand full of paper towels and covered me hand in them. 'Im sorry' she whispered. 'its ok it wasnt your fault im just glad it was me who got hurt not you' i said. She leaned in and kissed me right when the others ran in. 'Keep it PG!' louis yelled. 

'My hand hurts' i complained to Tiana. 
'i know im sorry babe' she said resting her head on my chest as we watched tv with the others. 

Kate p o v

"Who wants to go to the movies!?" Chels said "me "me" niall was gettin ova excited because he had been wanting to eat movie popcorn for ages but he didnt want to ho by himself. We all got ready and we started walking down the road. As if on que tiana stopped on the corner of the road and said 'I dont feel to well ill go back'. We all said ok and let her go, Niall offering to come a few times. we kept walking around the corner but i think i was the only one who saw That tiana didnt tur back home she followed on behind us and into a huge flash building.
We got to the movies and Niall ordered an extra large popcorn. "So! Wat movie!?" "Why dont we go movie hoppin?!"Harry suggested with a grin. 

Tiana pov

after the others were almost out of sight i carried on walking, i reached work and walked in, yes for work. I got a modeling job a while ago but i havent told anyone about. They all told me a should be a model thought because i can eat as much as i want but stay slim. 
i walked through the glass double doors pausing for a bit. i took a seat in the corner sitting down slighlty the cold leather freezing my skin. 
A tall girl strode in. She was wearing a tight black dress, black killer heals and a short purple leather vest. yes purple leather. She had a group of people following her watching every move. She started so stride in im direction and i braced myself. 
'So like who are you a lights person?' she asked bitchly in a girly british accent. 
'No im a model' i smiled back trying to sound non bitchy
'Ew like you look like a rotten plum that ide totally trash! and what is that? Fake leather?!' She said like ide just fricken stripped in the town square. 
'Yes it is fake leather' i replied bluntly 
'Ew and arent you like Niall Horans girlfriend you dont desirve him you fat slut! seriously buy a looser top!' she snarled.
'Yea whatever. Are those bird feather earrings? disgusting!' i said intimating her trying not to sound harmed. 
She turned on her heal and walked out with her groupies behind her. 
'Tiana where ready for you!' a office lady called. 
'Im not good enough to be here' i said and ran out. I didnt know where to go so i decided home would be best. By the time i caught a taxi home my cheaks were tear stained and my makeup was running. When i opened the door i avoided everyones looks and ran upstairs to My bedroom. 

Chelseas pov

'Harry stop being a pain, Chels can you tell your boyfriend to stop annoying me please!' Louis shouted. But i carried on walking and didnt take notice as they have been annoying each other a lot and i find it cute. We had quite awhile left to go to get to the movies so i got out my phone and started texting Tiana to see if she was ok. While i was texting Louis and Harry were shoving each other but i carried on texting until Harry ended up being shoved and banging into my shoulder which made me drop my phone and the worst thing was there was a puddle. As soon as my phone dropped into the puddle i shouted 'HARRY! That was my phone!' So i picked it up and tried to see if it worked but it didnt so i got really angry i mean i love this phone! So i said 'omg seriously HARRY i love this phone ive had it for ages my parents got it for me you and Louis need to just idk i cant arghh!!' Thats when i walked off. Thats when Harry ran after me and said 'babe, im really, really like 100 or 1000 times sorry i can be an idiot sometimes ill buy you a new phone and it will be way better then that ok im really sorry, do you forgive me?' I knew he meant it so i said 'of course babe and yea the new phone sounds good to me!' So we hugged and kissed and kept walking until we got there. We ended up going movie hopping REBELS!! We got kicked out and on the whole way home Harry and i were laughing non stop even at nothing sometimes. We didnt stop until zayn said 'omg you two could you just stop laughing for a alittle while please your laughs are getting on my nerves.' So we both said together 'oh sorry zayn!' And started laughing again and everyone yelled 'SHUT UP!!' So we ran inside and sat down and cuddled. When everyone got in i shouted out 'Tiana where are u!?' But there was no reply i wonder where she is. Thats when she came running in and ran upstairs. I wasnt the only one who could sense something bads happened. 

Thank you! i remember when we fangirled over 30 reads now its 954 and thats crazy for us! Sorry havent posted in a while it wont happen again! Snazzy chap name ay! We love each and everyone of u <3 Follow on instagram! Tiana: phenomeniall_freak Chels: chelsluvsharryx Kate: k8luvsliamxxoo
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