Stand By Me (One Direction Fanfiction)

Amelia, or Amy as she was known to her friends, was an ordinairy girl living in London. Well, she wasn't the kind of girl to follow the crowd. She doesn't like One Direction, she likes listening to Beethovan. She watches Doctor Who, loves school and is a nerd. Her and her friends are the outcasts at school, but her life turns upside down when she meets One Direction and friendships develop between them.


2. Chapter Two: The Strange Meeting

"I'm going out to the park for a bit." I called out as I closed the door behind me and walked outside. It was a cold spring morning and I was going for a walk in the park, it always gave me space to think. I threw my long stripy scarf over  my shoulder and set off down the street.

I had just turned the corner when someone came out of a cafe holding a cup of coffee and walked straight into me, causing it to spill all over my Tardis blue jumper.

"Blimey mate, watch where you're going." I said in annoyance, plucking at my soggy jumper as I looked up. He looked up apologetically.  He looked familiar. Then it hit me. He was the guy from the park.

"Oh my God. It's you!" I exclaimed in surprise,
"Yeah, it's me." He said grinning.
"You're the guy from the park." I said.
"Yeah. Wait, what?" He exclaimed confused.
"You're the guy from the park. You came up behind me, asked for some of my carrots and then you ran off." I explained,
"Oh yes, but no. But yes. I'm confused." he said,
"So am I." I replied laughing.
"Oi Louis, where've you been? We've been looking for you." asked a guy jogging up behind me. He had curly brown hair and mischievous green eyes.

"I'm Harry, and you are?" he asked flirtatiously when he saw me, holding out his hand while Louis rolled his eyes behind me.
"Amy." I said shaking his hand.
"Anyway, Louis where have you been? After that mob of girls had finally left we couldn't find you." Harry asked,
"I went to get coffee." Louis replied.
"Coffee. You went to get coffee. And the whole time we were thinking you had been kidnapped."sighed Harry pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. He dialed someones number.
"Hey Liam, I found him." Harry said into the phone.
"Yes, he's right here. I'll put him on." He added and held it out to Louis.
"What?" asked Louis confused,
"You wandered off, you had Liam worried like Hell. So you have the honors of explaining." Harry answered as Louis took the phone.
"Hi Liam." he said sheepishly, I could hear someone on the other end and they didn't sound very happy.
"Yes, I know I shouldn't have gone off. Sorry I worried you guys.Okay I promising not to wander off again. Fine, I'll see you later." Louis finished and hung up, giving the phone back to Harry.

"Come on, let's go back for lunch before you can wander off again." Said Harry,
"Okay." Louis sighed "Hey maybe Amy could join us." He suggested looking at me excitedly.
"Um, sure. If that's okay with Harry." I answered looking at Harry.
"Pretty please can she come?" asked Louis going on his knees begging and doing puppy eyes. I could see Harry trying not to smile.
"Fine." He replied laughing,
"Yay. Come on Amy!" He cried, grabbing my hand.
"Wait! How do I know you're not a couple of weirdo psychopaths who want to kill me?" I demanded.
Harry looked shocked and leant over to Louis.
"She's kidding right. She must know who we are." He whispered to him.
" You know I can hear you and no I have absolutely no idea who you guys are." I admitted.
Harry pretended to faint and Louis burst out laughing.
"Oh this is brilliant!" he laughed.
"Seriously, what's so funny?" I demanded confused.
"Okay. Have you ever heard of the band One Direction?" he asked me.
"Well, kind of. I haven't really listened to their music. They're not my cup of tea to be honest." I replied. Suddenly a girl with red hair across the road screamed "OMG! It's Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction!". I looked over at them in shock. Harry grinned at me. Then a massive group of girls burst onto the street screaming.


Hi!! Sorry I have really short chapters, this one in particular but I will try to make them longer.

please carry on reading, commenting and enjoying!

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