Stand By Me (One Direction Fanfiction)

Amelia, or Amy as she was known to her friends, was an ordinairy girl living in London. Well, she wasn't the kind of girl to follow the crowd. She doesn't like One Direction, she likes listening to Beethovan. She watches Doctor Who, loves school and is a nerd. Her and her friends are the outcasts at school, but her life turns upside down when she meets One Direction and friendships develop between them.


1. Chapter One: Welcome To My "Interesting" Life.

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Sorry it's so short.




BRRRIIINNNGG! Went my alarm clock. I sleepily reached out and turned it off.
"Eurgh!" I groaned as I got out of bed. I put on my black wire rimmed glasses and shuffled over to my wardrobe. I pulled out my boring school uniform, a grey pleated skirt, white blouse and a gray tie. I looked in the mirror as I pulled my curly, dark brown hair into a ponytail.

~30 minutes later~

"Anytime on this side of the grave would be a great time for you to get in the bloody car!" yelled my older sister, Rebecca, as she started her dark blue car. I rushed outside, grabbing my iPod and school bag on the way out.

The drive to school was a quiet one, Rebecca didn't want to talk to me and I didn't want to talk to her, we don't really get on with each other. She's one of the popular girls at school and I’m the nerd, outcast, weirdo. My friends and I are the odd group of people at school, but we don't care what people think of us. You get the point, but I didn't mind. It gave me more time to think. I put my iPod on and stared out the window daydreaming.

~At school~

"Amy!" shouted my best friend, Anne as we ran towards each other in slow motion, humming chariots of fire. I saw my sister face palm as she walked towards her group of snobby, popular friends.

"So, what'd you do on the weekend?" asked Anne as we walked to our first class, English.
"Oh, you know. The usual.Wake up, survive, sleep." I said as we entered the English classroom. We sat down at our desk just as Emma; the rich, snobby popular girl in our year came in. She sneered at Anne and me as she passed us. It was going to be a long day. A very long day.

~After school~

It was Friday and school had finished and I was walking home, Rebecca decided that she would drive her friends home, and of course, leaving no room for me. I daydreamed absentmindedly while I was taking a shortcut through the park, munching on my afternoon snack of carrot sticks.

I sat myself down on a bench and pulled out Great Expectations, the book I was reading. When suddenly a guy popped up behind me. He had light brown hair which was swept across his face, amazing blue eyes and a cheeky smile, and for some reason he looked familiar.

"Hey! Please don't blow my cover. Oh, carrots! Can I please have one?" He babbled. I held out the bag for him to take one.  "Thanks." he said, then a blonde girl across the road saw him and started screaming.
"Oops, got to run." He exclaimed, he smiled at me and rushed off.
"Hm, very odd." I thought to myself as I went back to my book.

~At home~

"Hello, your delightful daughter is home!" I shouted  sarcastically as I opened the door to the living room. No-one was home as usual. Rebecca would have gone to her boyfriend James' house and my parents would be at work till at least seven. I trudged upstairs to my bedroom to get started on my homework.

I turned my IPod onto full volume and played my favorite song ever, O Fortuna by Carl Orff. Were you expecting something like Call Me Maybe, well if you're still reading this you should know I'm not the most normal person on Earth. I opened my textbook, I had an exam coming  up when I heard the door open then  close. Yay, my darling sister was home. Joy unbounded.

~Later that evening at dinner~

"So, did you have a good day at school?" asked my mother. We were all sitting at the table eating dinner.
"It was fine." I replied politely, pushing my food around my plate with my fork. I wasn't hungry and dinner time always included awkward conversations in my family. I just wanted to get dinner over and done with, then I could retreat back I my bedroom and finish my book. Everyone felt the same. My father just wanted to go back to his office upstairs and finish his work, my mother wanted to go back to talking to her friends on the phone and my sister wanted to go back to her bedroom to text her friends.

"Stop playing with your food." said my father sternly, I put my knife and fork down.
"I'm not very hungry. Please can I be excuses?" I asked. My father nodded and I got up and left.

I entered my bedroom. I went over and sat down on my bed next to my teddy bear Bohunkis, I know weird right? but I got Bohunkis when I was four and he's been my companion ever since.

 I got changed into my comfy Dalek pajamas and continued to read Great Expectations.



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