I want

18 year old Ambely meets her favourite boy band One Direction. She falls in love with Niall and she gets his number. Harry starts falling for her and Amberly's friend Sandra likes him. Niall and Harry both ask her out but she is confused. Will Amberly chose Niall or ruin her friends life by choosing Harry?


2. Flirty ways

"Sandra!!! Sandra!!" I shout. "No need to shout, I'm right here." She replies. "Niall sent me a trxt and It's been five minutes since we left Nandos!" I squeal. We walk back to my house before checking what the text said. "Wanna get some ice-cream at Wendy's?" Sandra asks me. "Yep. I could go for some fruity m & m's!!" I exclaim.

We walk over to the closest Wendy's store we notice the One Direction decorations. We walki inside and see the usual rainbow colours. So many One Direction banners hang around the ice-cream store. "Hey Al can I get one fruity m & m's two scoops and one rainbow skittles please." I say. "Sure. Coming right up." "Al, whats with all the One Direction banners?" Sandra asks. "They are in town duh!" Al exclaims. "Yeah we met them."

"Omg no way!" Al says. "Yeah way! Niall sent me a text!!!! Best day off my life!" I say. "And Harry called me before!" Sandra says. "Did he?" I ask. "Yeh. Before don't you remember?" "I guess not." I reply. Al hands us our ice-cream and we sit outside to enjoy the sunshine.

"Lets see the text now!!!!!" Sandra shouts. I pull out my phone. 1 new message. I unlock my phone and check my inbox. "What does it say?" Sandra says. I take another lick of my ice-cream and start to read. "Hey Amberly. You're a sweet funny and cute girl. I was hoping you would like to catch up tomorrow. Bring Sandra along because I'm bringing Harry. Call me tonight. Niall."

"OMG!!!! Double date tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait! Does it say wear we are going tomorrow?" Sandra asks finishing her ice-cream, eating the waffle cone. "Nah but I'll call him soon. Wanna sleep over tonight? We can head to your hous and pick out some hot clothes for tomorrow." "Yeah sure!" She replies. We head over to her house to pack her bag.

"What about this?" Sandra says holding up a light blue dress covered in tiny pink flowers. "No. Wear pastel pink jeans with a singlet. I'll wear my pastel blue jeans with a singlet too." I say. We pack her bag. We tried to make everything perfect, even her undies and bra. For a date this important, everything matters.

We head home to my house. "MUM! SANDRA'S STAYING THE NIGHT!" I shout to my mum. We head upstairs towards my room. Sandra dumps her things on my bed and I pull out my phone. I dial in Nialls number. Three rings and he picks up.

"Hello?" He says.


"So Amberly whats up?"

"What time and where is the date tomorrow?" I ask.

"Tomorrow at 10.00am, Dandy Skate park." He replies.

"Thankyou. Better go now. See you then."

"Bye." And he hangs up.

"I don't have a skateboard or helmet!" Sandra exclaims. "Don't worry. You can borrow mine. I'll use my other helmet and penny board. Can you skate?" I say. "Yeah. Thanks sweetie." She replies. We spend the rest of the afternoon talking about tomorrow and how wonderful it would be.
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