I want

18 year old Ambely meets her favourite boy band One Direction. She falls in love with Niall and she gets his number. Harry starts falling for her and Amberly's friend Sandra likes him. Niall and Harry both ask her out but she is confused. Will Amberly chose Niall or ruin her friends life by choosing Harry?


1. Beach falling

"The waves look awesome Amberly!!" My best friend Sandra shouts. She really loves surfing. I grab my board and shout back "Coming!!" I chase after her and jump on my board. I paddle out and stand up. I look out to the sand and see Sandra walking over to the picnic basket. I can see these five boys that catch my eye. Four brunette and one blonde. All in their boardys they sit down and start eating. They are all very attractive. I crash and get dunked. I swim to the sand and sit down with Sandra.

I get a closer look at the boys and I realise who they are. "Sandra. Sandra!" I say as she stuffs her mouth with a sandwich. "What?" "That's One Direction!" I say. "No way!" She replies. "We can't just walk over there though and annoy them." I sat. "Yeah you are really annoying." "Shut up!" I say with a laugh.

"We will walk past them and see what happens ok?" Sandra says. "Right. Ok. Lets go." We walk over to the boys. As we pass they say, "Hey girls! You like One Direction? Because One Direction likes you." We squeal as Harry says it. "Yeh you girls are cute. Can we get your names and numbers?" Niall says. "I'm Amberly and thats Sandra and yes we love 1D!" I say. We write our numbers on paper. "Wanna join us?" Louis says. "Yes!" We squeal together.

We sit down with our own picnic basket and place the food out on the rug. "How are you girls today?" Zayn asks. "We were good but we are better now that we met you." I say. I look over at Niall while Sandra continues the conversation. "Hi Amberly." He says to me. "Hi Niall." "Would you like my number so you know who is calling you mobile tonight?" He is flirting with me. Dreams do come true. "Sure!"

We all go to Nandos wearing our bathers. "I'm starving!" Niall exclaims. "Of course you are Niall." I say cheekily. "You really know your 1D stuff huh?" He asks me. "Yeah I do." After lunch at Nandos we go home and Sandra comes home with me. My phone lights up because of a text from Niall.
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