Forever yours.

Maddy Trower is just a average girl, she's from Tasmania and she is a massive directioner! Her friend, shyann, takes her to a concert and has backstage passes. Maddy is madly in love with Niall, but one of the other members has feelings for her. Shyann love Louis, but he has a girlfriend. What happens next?


12. The beach.

[Niall's POV]
When we to to the beach about 35 minutes later, we all ran straight down to the water, Zayn sat on the sand just by the shore.
Maddy is in a polka dot bikini I know I shouldn't but I couldn't stop staring at her..
She looked at me, seeing me staring at her.
'hey niall, come here!' she shouted
I run over 'yes?'
'uhm, I.. I like you.. A lot.'
She was staring at the ground. I lifted her chin up with my hand and looked into her beautiful eyes.
I cut her off by kissing her.
I wrapped my arms around her, she wrapped hers around my neck.
We parted and I couldn't stop smiling. She blushed and looked at the ground. Shuffling her feet.
'that was, amazing.' I say.
'I know.' Maddy says, still blushing, I couldn't resist. I just kissed her again.

[Harrys POV]
Ew, disgusting.
I can't stand the site of them sucking each others face off. Especially when I am like, in love with Maddy! I want we so bad. I just loose control. I'm sitting alone in the sand. I punch the ground.
'you okay bro?' Zayn says, rushing over.
'what's up?'
I look over at Maddy and Niall, they are hand in hand sitting on the sand.
'oh, I know the feeling bro.' Zayn says.
'you do?'
'yeah,' Zayn points to Louis and then shyann.
'oh, you have the hots for her?' I ask
'eh, she's alright.' I say, shrugging.
'alright?! Shes a babe!' Zayn says
'go chase that babe then.' I say, winking,
'erm. Harry. I can't swim..'
'SHYANN.' I yell.
She turns around and looks at me and Zayn
I wave for her to come here
She runs up the beach towards Zayn and I
'yeah?' she says, she sits down
'Dayum.' Zayn whispers to o one in particular.
His whispering failed.. We could both hear him.
'liking what you see Zayn?' shyann says, winking.
'zayn, tell her man.'
'no Louis will KILL me'
'what?..' shyann says, confused.
'zayn has the hots for you.'
'zayn?.' Shyann says.
Zayn looks at her, gets up and walks away.
That was interesting..

[shyanns POV ]
Wow, Zayn just said he likes me... This puts a whole new twist on things..
'Harry, how do you know?' I ask
' he told me just before I called you over.'
'LET'S GO.' Louis yells out.
Everybody gets up and heads to the van
Louis comes up behind me and kisses my neck.
I just smile.
Why would Zayn do this, I feel so bad,.
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