Forever yours.

Maddy Trower is just a average girl, she's from Tasmania and she is a massive directioner! Her friend, shyann, takes her to a concert and has backstage passes. Maddy is madly in love with Niall, but one of the other members has feelings for her. Shyann love Louis, but he has a girlfriend. What happens next?


10. That night.

[Maddys POV]
Well, that was a lot of drama..
I'm still not sure if me and Niall are going out..
I would ask him but I'm really shy..
"so, what do you guys want to do tomorrow?" Zayn half-yelled, which made me jump.
"sorry" he says laughing
"how about we got to the beach?!" liam asks
"yeah!" Louis says " shyann, you in?"
" sure! " shyann says lifting her head up off of Louis' lap.
They're so cute.
"Maddy? You in!?" Niall asks
" yeah." I say smiling
"if you girls didn't know, I.. Can't swim.."
"of course we knew! We're directioners, remember?" shyann says
Zayn giggles
We all went to bed, I slept neith Niall, ( not sexually ) and we cuddled all night. Shyann slept with Lou.
(the next day)
We all go get changed, I wear my polka dot bikini with a short sun dress over the top.
Niall came out in his board shorts, with I top on. He had a perfect body!
"let's go!" Zayn yells
"bags driving!" Louis yells.

And off we went.
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