Forever yours.

Maddy Trower is just a average girl, she's from Tasmania and she is a massive directioner! Her friend, shyann, takes her to a concert and has backstage passes. Maddy is madly in love with Niall, but one of the other members has feelings for her. Shyann love Louis, but he has a girlfriend. What happens next?


4. New love, for everyone.

[shyanns P.O.V]
Here I am, pretty much already bestfriends with louis, step 1, down!
If only he was single..
"so, you got a boyfriend?" Zayn asks, winking.
"nope! But I have my eye on someone." I wink back,
Louis interrupts "ohhhh! Shyann has a crush!" he gets up with me still on his lap.
He runs around jokingly teasing me, I chase him everywhere, we end up in a room all alone. I close the door.. "your trapped now" I say "oh oh" Louis says, frowning. I run up to him and tickle him.
"Stop!" he yells still laughing
I stop. "what?" I say jokingly, "can't handle it?"
'oh I can handle it, trust me.'
He hugs me, extremely Tight.
"Louis, don't kill me." I smile.
He lets go, our faces are just inches away, I leant in for a kiss, he didn't hesitate he full on kissed me, it was long and pationant, he pulled away half way through.
"I'm.. Sorry. I -"
"don't be sorry. Let's go back out to the rest of them"
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