Forever yours.

Maddy Trower is just a average girl, she's from Tasmania and she is a massive directioner! Her friend, shyann, takes her to a concert and has backstage passes. Maddy is madly in love with Niall, but one of the other members has feelings for her. Shyann love Louis, but he has a girlfriend. What happens next?


8. Maddy might be the one.

[Nialls P.O.V]
When I kissed her it was magical hope she feels
same way.
"Niall! Truth or dare?" Louis asked
"truth." I reply
"who do you like, say it out loud!"
Should I say it?
No she doesn't like me..
"erm, be right back. Going to pee!"
I get up and run for the bathroom.
I sit there on the floor. Legs crossed. Just thinking..
I hear a knock on the door.
"Niall, are you okay? You've been here for a good 5 minutes" I heard Zayn say
"come in.."
"what's wrong bro?"
" you like her?"
" more than like.. "
"why don't you tell her?"
" she doesn't like me back."
"how do you know.?"
" I just do.."
" c'mon, your coming back out and telling her,"
We get up, I hesitate for a second but think 'meh, why not?'
I sit down next to her and whisper in her ear
'I love you, seriously.'
She looks shocked,
"really!?" she says loudly
"yep." I say
She grabs me and kisses me, more magic.
The boys looked shocked.
I pulled her closer.
I hear shyann cheer.. 'GET IN THERE MADDY! WOAH!'
Maddy pulls away and says "Run off to Louis. You know you love him,"
Wow. That was unexpected.

[shyanns P.O.V]
" run off to Louis. You know you love him."
It kept running through my mind.
I just sat there.
Blank expression..speechless.
" wait? Shyann likes Louis?" Zayn asks
" yeah! " Maddy said.
I knew she didn't mean it in a mean way but it still hurt.
" well.." Zayn says.
Louis sat there, staring into nothingness.
"Lou? You okay?" Liam says
" I-I just can't believe it."
Of course, he doesn't like me back..
" why? " Liam asks " you just told me you love her.."
There I sit, I looked at Louis.
" do you, really like me? "
" yeah."
" what about Eleanor ?"
" about that.."
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