Forever yours.

Maddy Trower is just a average girl, she's from Tasmania and she is a massive directioner! Her friend, shyann, takes her to a concert and has backstage passes. Maddy is madly in love with Niall, but one of the other members has feelings for her. Shyann love Louis, but he has a girlfriend. What happens next?


9. Eleanor

[harrys P.O.V]
Wow, Maddy is so gorgeous.
Why the fuck did I kiss shyann?! Lou will hate me forever
Argh. Even I hate myself..
"LOU!" I hear a female yell from the door excitedly.
Louis stands up, "hi Eleanor.."
Everyone just stares..
"what's going on?" el says
"come with me, we need to talk, alone."
"ok babe." she leans in to kiss him but he looks away, so she kisses his cheek..
They walk off Ito the room.
We decide not to lay any more because there's too many distractions.
I stare at Maddy, she's staring at niall, of course!
Maddy notices me staring and looks at me. I look away.
"Harry, my darling." she says jokingly in a fail fake British accent, she's actually pretty good,
"yes Maddy?"
"what were you just staring at, huh?" she jokes
"that vase behind you."
"what vase?" she turns around
I took my chance while I could.. I ran up to her and sat on her. Tickling her,
"Harry!" she screams still laughing
"hah, tricked you. And by the way you sound very good British." I wink.
I get off her and walk back to my chair.

[louis' P.O.V]
I walk Eleanor to my room.
I need to tell her, I love someone else. I need to dump her..
"boo bear, it's not time to be doing.. This.." she winks
"I don't want to do that!" I say
"oh c'mon Lou, I know you do." she crawls ontop of me, taking off her shirt
"ELEANOR!!" I yell " GET OFF!"
".." she silently climbs off.
"I'm sorry Lou."
" would you stop calling me that? I can't take this!"
"can't take what?"
" I'm sorry, I-.. I love someone else."
"that girl out there, shyann..."
Eleanor gets up and storms off, clearly I thought she was going home, but she went to the main room.
I run out beind her.
"skank!" Eleanor yelled to shyann.
"w-what?" shyann asks.
"you slut! You stole my boyfriend!"
"I didn't steal anyone.."
"el, stop." I say.
"Shutup you cheat!" she turns around and slaps me.
"I'm calling security" Liam says silently to Niall and Maddy
Next thing you kow security are dragging Eleanor out if the hotel room
I sit down next to shyann. She's so gorgeous,
"are you okay?" she asks
"yeah.. She's not worth it."
"that's right!" she says smiling.
She wipes my cheek.
"don't cry boo bear,"
I didn't even realize I was !
"sorry." I say
I grab her hand and she puts her head on my lap.
I could stay like this forever...

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