Love you till the end♥

This is my first fanfic so I'm a bit scratchy...
Harry sees his old time childhood friend Emma sitting in the rain and rushes to her rescue but what will happen after they see each other again? will she fall for him or will they just stay friends?
Read to find out because the book is better then the blurb! :)


2. Uh-oh

Emmas POV:

Harry parks outside of a tall  building and escorts me into his apartment,as soon as we get through the door i see a tall, blonde headed girl siting on the couch looking very worried.'' Hey Devon'' he yells from the spare room he is letting stay in. he places my bags down and goes back to the lounge space where she was.'' where were you harry?'' she says looking behind his back which was guarding me from sight.    ''I just went for a walk'' he says like he knows something bad is going to happen. ''Well who's that then?'' she says pointing directly at me.''she's just a childhood friend i saw at the park an-'' ''you know what, I cant trust you bringing around other girls, were through'' Devon quickly gets up from the couch and goes to collect  all of her belongings. I stand in the doorway thinking of what to do but my thoughts are interrupted by a loud cough. ''excuse me'' Devon says. i quickly move out of the way and close the door behind me. i shuffle over to harry and stand next to him, ''Harry.'' he doesn't respond all he does is move his head so he can look out the window, i see a small tear trickle down his check. ''why don't we watch a movie?'' i movie over to a big cabinet that i am guessing is full of movies. i pull out the titanic and put it in the movie player and  sit down next to Harry. '' how did you know?'' he finally talks. ''Harry we have been friends forever i think i would know what your favorite movie is'' i say while playfully punching his arm.


'I love you jack' the Tv says.                                                                                                    I look over to harry to see him staring at me, I move in close and close my eyes to fell the touch of soft lips against mine. our lips move in sync, i make my hands to around his neck while his are on my hips. we both pull away gasping for breath. i smile at him and move my head so its laying on his chest. he moves his hand so it is now playing with my hair. we soon see the door fly open and a tall, blonde boy coming through the door with a tall, brown headed girl.'' are we interrupting anything?'' the girl says. ''uh, no'' i say blushing.''Emma,this is Niall and this is Leonie, they are boyfriend and girlfriend and guys this is Emma''Harry says while i shake there hands. I glance at my watch to see its 10pm .''Well its kinda late, I better go to bed and it was nice to meet you two!'' ''And you to Emma!'' Leonie says. ''well good night'' i say while walking off. ''night'' harry yells.

I go to the bathroom in my room and take a quick shower and wash my face before going to bed. as soon as i walk out of the bathroom i am greeted with harry leaning on the door frames to my room.                                                                                           ''hey Harry'' i say walking up to him. ''Hey, um do you want to go on a double date tomorrow with Leonie and Niall?'' ''um sure sounds like fun! what are we going to be doing? i ask ''um, go out for lunch and then to the beach?'' '' yeah sure i would love to'' ''Okay well I'll go tell Niall, Night'' i lean in and kiss him on the lips but not as passionately as last time. i hop into bed thinking of what to wear. Tomorrow is going to be so fun. 

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