Love you till the end♥

This is my first fanfic so I'm a bit scratchy...
Harry sees his old time childhood friend Emma sitting in the rain and rushes to her rescue but what will happen after they see each other again? will she fall for him or will they just stay friends?
Read to find out because the book is better then the blurb! :)


3. Shopping with Leonie

Emmas POV: 

i woke up with a a ray on sunlight shining in my face coming from the crack in my curtains. I grinned and jumped up to check what the time was, my phone said it was 9:40am so i hop up and take a quick shower. 

i hop out of the shower and go to my bags to pick out what to wear. i decided on a blue and white striped bikini, a thin woolen jumper over top,denim shorts and some Dark blue  converse.I stand in front of my mirror tying my long, curly brown hair into a high pony tail with a plat on the side. i decided not to wear my make up today since we were going to the beach after lunch.

its now 11:30am so i decide to go see if anyone is in the lounge area. I walk out i and find everyone eating breakfast at the table. ''Hey everyone!'' "Hey Emma'' they all say.Harry stands up and kisses me on the cheek.i walk over to the kitchen and poor myself some milk and cereal and join the others.''so when are we going out for lunch?'' i ask Niall. ''um were thinking about going at 12:30?'' ''yeah sounds good''.I spoon my last bit of cereal in my mouth and walk over to put my dishes in the dishwasher. soon Leonie follows me and does the same.''Hey, Emma do you want to go to the mall today?'' Leonie say while putting her dishes away.''um sure, I'll just go and get my stuff'' i smile and walk up to my room to grab my phone and wallet and walk back out to the lounge area.''I'll drive'' Leonie says. Leonie is wearing a pink sleeveless button up t-shirt,lite blue denim shorts and white converse with her short,brown curly hair in a ponytail. just when we were going to leave Harry hands me his credit card.''take it wit you just in case you see something you like'' he says shoving the card in my hand.''Harry i cant take this!'' i say giving it back.''Just take it,please?'' he says offering it again to me. ''Fine'' i smile and kiss him goodbye.

We were walking down main street window shopping at all the clothes shops but nothing i liked, just when we were about  to give up i see the most beautiful dress .It was a lite pink dress with pleats and with a heart cut out on the back.I rush to the dress and find my size and go try it on.

I buy the dress (using harrys card), a denim shirt that can go over top and some floral print high hell shoes(since that i am quite short i like to wear heels).

its now 12:20 so we head back to Harry and Nialls apartment,as soon as we get through the door we are trampled by them asking what we bought.''You will have to wait until i wear it'' i sequel running away from harry.

**Hey guy I  don't know if anyone's reading this or not but the the lunch and the beach thing will be in the next chapter! and i would love to hear what you guys think of this My movella!**


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