Love you till the end♥

This is my first fanfic so I'm a bit scratchy...
Harry sees his old time childhood friend Emma sitting in the rain and rushes to her rescue but what will happen after they see each other again? will she fall for him or will they just stay friends?
Read to find out because the book is better then the blurb! :)


4. Lunch and beach


Emmas POV:

We hop in Harry's car and drive of to Nandos for lunch. We parked the car and went into the little restaurant.We were seated and not long after a tall blonde waiter comes up to our table.

''Hey guys I'm Stephanie,your waiter today! are you guys ready to order?''

she says pulling out a notebook and paper.

''um can i please have a chicken wrap and a coke?''

i say flicking my eyes between her and the orders paper.

'' yeah me too'' Leonie says. 

''Um can i please have the 5 hot wings and a coke'' Niall says while flashing a grin.

'' and for you?'' she says pointing the pen at Harry.

''oh and umm just some Peri-Peri chick and a coke please''Harry flashes her a small grin which made her blush.

Our food came out and i was the last one to be served. ''Oh my god this is good!''

I put down my wrap and take a sip of my coke.

 Once we were all finished  Stephanie brings us the bill for today's lunch. Niall pays for the bill since he has a customer discount.

We hop back into Harry's car and drive to the nearby beach.

We arrive at the beach and hop out and grab everything that we need. I step back from the car to see if i had left anything in there making a check list in my head . Sunglasses tick, chair tick, book tick, bag tick, bucket and spade Tick!

''Ready?'' Harry said while his hands snaked around my waist.

''yep'' i say leaning my head against the crook of his neck smelling his aftershave.

''lets go'' i say grabbing his hand and pulling him away.

We get down to the and i immediately strip down into my bikini and run into the water. there is just something about the beach that makes me feel at home and makes me feel like in a little girl again making sand castles in the sand.

i run back to the sand where the boys and leonie are laying down. I stand in front of Harry blocking the sun from his body.

Harrys POV:

I look up at Emma. Wow her body is just amazing, curvy but thin.

''Yes?'' I sit up from the ground and look her in the eyes. Her eyes are just amazing they are in the dark blue with green around the pupil, I was woken up by my trance when she started to talk.

''Coming into the water its amazing!'' she says tugging at my hand. I stand up and run with her into the water.


''Splash war eh'' Emma scoops up some water and throws it right at my face.

''Not the curls!'' i yell splashing her back.

Emma's POV

I Start to run away because I know harry is seeking revenge on me for splashing his curls.

I feel  a Big pair hands snake around my waist,i look behind me to find harry's beautiful green eyes staring into mine. I turn back around and place my head in the crook of his neck.

''Hey i saw a ice cream truck down the road, you wanna go get one''harry whispers in my ear, his breathing tickling my face.

''Yeah sure,ill go dry off and put my shorts on'' i say,kissing his cheek.

I run out of the water and see Leonie and Niall sunbathing. I run and pick up the bucket and run over to the water,  scoop up a load of water and run back to Leonie and Niall.


i throw the bucket of water at them,to angry faces staring at me.

''Hey you guys! me and harry are going to go get some ice cream, you want some?'' i ask them acting like nothing happened.

''Um yeah sure, just get us the same as you'' Niall replies, bending down and picking up a towel.

''Mmmkay'' I skip away and over to my bag and dig out my shorts and put them on. I decided not to put on a top but I'm in my bikini top so that's okay.

''Ready?'' Harry's husky voice fills the air while he grabs my hand.

''Yep'' i smile at harry and we walk off to the ice cream truck.

*10mins later*

We get back to the beach and give Leonie and Niall there ice creams.

once we all finished our ice creams and we all go our different ways.

Me and Harry stay behind with all the stuff while Leonie and Niall went for a walk along the beach.

Leonie's POV:

The warm breeze was blowing in my hair making fly in different directions. Me and Niall decided to go for a walk to give Harry and Emma some alone time.

Niall takes my hand and we walk through the shallow part of the water (only getting our feet wet), I am pulled to a sudden stop by Niall's hand tugging me back.

Niall pulls my body close and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear, I lean in close and close my eyes to fell the touch of soft lips against mine, our  soft gentle kiss gradually turned into a deep passionate kiss.after about a good 2 minutes we pull back gasping for air.

''I love you Leonie'' Niall says pull me closer into a hug

''I love you too Niall'' I say looking into his blue eyes, Its like his eyes make the stars look like there not shining there just so amazing.

''lets head back'' Niall says grabbing my hand again.

Emma's POV:

I move my head so its facing harry.

Me and harry are laying on the sand with blankets watching the sunset in front of us.

I move my hand and start to play with his curls.Harry moves his hand so they are wrapped around my waist,He pulls me in close and looks me in the eyes.

He removed a strand of hair from my face, staring straight into my eyes. Slowly our faces began moving towards each other.The taste of his sweet lips on mine enchanted me.His plush, soft lips seemed to fit perfectly in mine like two puzzle pieces, making my heart flutter uncontrolably. He was so gentle, so warm.We both pulled away smiling and staring into each others eyes.

Leonie and Niall got back from there little walk and me and harry got up and started to pack up the stuff.

*Back at apartment*

I go to my room and drop everything by my bed. I go to the bathroom in my room and take a quick shower and wash my face before going to bed,I walk back into my room and lay in bed.

i hear a faint knock on my door.

"come in'' i say while sitting up in bed.

''can i sleep with you tonight its kinda lonely in my room'' Harry says walking over to my bed.

''sure'' i say smiling

harry walks over to my bed and hops in. i shuffle close to him and place my head on his bare chest before dowsing off into a deep sleep.

All i could think of was




**Hey guys! I tried making my chapters a bit longer but i dont know if im going to keep writing it or not.. I would LOVE to hear what you guys think about my story and what i can improve on and thanks for reading,Emma :)**







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