Love you till the end♥

This is my first fanfic so I'm a bit scratchy...
Harry sees his old time childhood friend Emma sitting in the rain and rushes to her rescue but what will happen after they see each other again? will she fall for him or will they just stay friends?
Read to find out because the book is better then the blurb! :)


1. Emma?

Emmas POV:

  ''Emma?'' i hear a distant voice say. i turn around to see a tall dark figure emerging from the rain. ''Emma!'' i am soon greeted by a warm hug and some familiar curls in my face. ''Harry? i havent seen you since you left for x-factor...'' i say pulling away from the hug. ''i know, and what are you doing out in this rain?'' his green eyes staring into mine piercing through me. ''well I'' i start to stutter my words, ''I got kicked out of my apartment because i couldn't hand my rent in time'' ''You can stay with me, i have loads of spear rooms'' he replys in his husky voice ''No, Harry i cant I-''  ''No i cant see you like this'' i get cut of by harry, ''Fine only until i get my own place'' i reply with a smile. ''now lets get out of tis rain'' I pick up my bags and walk with harry to his car.   Harrys POV:   i open the door for Emma and take her bags off her to put in the boot. ''thanks harry'' Emma says under her breath. '' its alright love! now to the apartment!'' Emma giggles in response.


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