Love Lost Faith

Emma is a teen mom. That was the last thing she ever expected of herself. The father of the baby? No other than Harry Styles.
Emma moved to the U.S. hoping to leave the past behind and never to see Harry again. What happens when she comes face to face with the father of her baby? Will she tell him? Will he take resposibilty or leave her again?


5. The Truth Comes Out



"Harry? How did you get in?" Emma asked, in shock trying to pull herself together before she would pass out.

"Emma, who is that? And why did you call yourself mom?" He asked confused, ignoring her question.

"Harry, I-I can explain." Emma said, trying to look for a quick excuse to get her out of this, but nothing came to her mind.

"Is.. Is she?" Harry asked looking between Layla and Emma.

"Harry I-I." Emma stuttered her eyes getting watery.

"No! She can't be mine.. " He snapped, as he turned away and rushed downstairs.

"Harry!" He heard a girl shout behind him.

"What!?" He yelled.

"Harry! That's your baby! You know Emma! She would never do anything to hurt you on purpose! If she kept this from you it was for a reason, maybe it was because you would walk out on her like your doing right now." Charlotte screamed at him, as she tried to catch her breath after chasing Harry out the door. "Layla, was born 1 year, and 3 months ago, you do the math!" Charlotte said beforing turning around and going into the house slamming the door behind her.

Harry walked away, into his car and drove to the hotel.

Was Emma and Charlotte telling the truth? Why would Emma lie? She never lied to me?

Harry thought...


"Hey, mate! Why do you look so sad." Liam frowned as he sat next to Harry, on the couch.

"Liam, I-I think something might change my life forever.." Harry whispered starring at the ground.

"What do you mean? Our lives have already changed!" Liam chuckled, talking about how famous they've gotten.

"Not like that.." Harry murmered.

"Well change is good sometimes. It helps us become who we are supposed to be, and guides us on what we have to do to become that person." Liam smiled down at Harry.

"I don't know.. about this particular situation Liam." Harry sighedlooking up at Liam in the eyes.

"Why? What's this particular situation about?" Liam asked confused.

"A girl I went out with before the x factor, she" He paused. "I might have gotten her pregnant." Harry said in the lowest voice he could have.

"Harry!" Liam jumped smaking him in the arm.

"Liam!" Harry shouted confused as he rubbed himself on the spot where Liam hit him in the arm.

"Well It is your baby right?" Liam asked.

"I don't know.. She claimed she was." Harry whispered.

"Maybe it isn't." Liam shrugged.

"But she looks just like me!" Harry pouted.

"Well then just talk to her." Liam suggested.

"I don't know." Harry said.

"Harry sooner or later your going to have to face your responsibility, and right now it is this baby." Liam said.

"Your right.." Harry sighed. "Where are the rest of the guys?" Harry asked looking around.

"Out." Liam said getting up. "I'm going to go to sleep alright mate." Liam yawned walking away into his bedroom.

Harry looked at the time 8:30 P.M.

Wow the time past by fast. Too fast.

It was too late for him to talk to Emma. She was probably asleep or something.

Harry walked off into his room undressing himself completely and sliding himself under the sheets as he stared up at the ceiling but could not seem to fall asleep.



"Emma C'mon! Let's go to the Club!" Charlotte suggested sitting down next to Emma on a chair beside he bed.

"Let's not." Emma frowned layin in her bed.

"Please!" Charlotte pleaded. "Sage said she was okay with taking care of Layla. C'mon you need to go out meet some guys!" Charlotte winked.

"I really don't." Emma sighed.

"Yes you do! I'm not taking no for an answer Emma!" Charlotte screamed pulling her out of bed. "I already chose an outfit for you!" Charlotte shrieked.

"But your dresses are so reaveling!" Emma whined.

"But this one, made me think of you." Charlotte said pulling out a very sexy fitted black lace dress with sleeves.

"Thats pretty." Emma smiled admiring the dress.

"Yes! Go try it out!" Charlotte yelled shoving her into the restroom and closing the door behind Emma.

Emma changed into the dress, as she admired how the dress made her body look.

She walked out as Charlotte whisteled.

"Okay were these." Charlotte said handing her some Red stilletos.

Emma slipped on the heels and then Charlotte put red lipstick and a lit supply of make up on her face and added something to her hair as Emma's waves fell nicely on her back as she ran her hands through it.

Charlotte changed quickly and they headed to a Club in Hollywood.

As they entered the club, Charlotte said that 'she was going to be back' Emma smiled and nodded as Charlotte got lost in the crowd of people.

Emma made her way to the bar and ordered her self a can of coke. She slowly took a sip of it as she looked around and spotted someone.

He was very appealing to the eye. It seemed like he was to attractive to exist. His black motorcycle jacket, complemented his black Jet hair, and his tan skin.

Emma couldn't even breath.

She quickly looked away hoping she didn't stare too much and creep him out.

She took one quick glance again and saw him comin toward her, as she turned away to hide her face.

"Hey." He said with a british accent.

"Hi." She smiled, as she turned around and looked into his amazing brown eyes.

"I'm Zayn." He smiled, making her Heart melt and tuurn into mush.

"I'm Emma." She said smiling.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked being straight forward.

Something felt odd, but she didn't hesitate, she nodded and they make their way through the crowd of people and on to the dance floor.

Emma let loose for those hours in her life, she had the best night in her life since ever.

She still couldn't push aside, that weird feeling, all night.



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