Love Lost Faith

Emma is a teen mom. That was the last thing she ever expected of herself. The father of the baby? No other than Harry Styles.
Emma moved to the U.S. hoping to leave the past behind and never to see Harry again. What happens when she comes face to face with the father of her baby? Will she tell him? Will he take resposibilty or leave her again?


2. The Job

After 2 years of having no contact with Harry and getting kicked out of her house, Emma left to the U.S. to live with her aunt Sage, in California.

Charlotte came to visit whenever she could, mostly over the summer break.

Emma was able to find a good paying job with the help of her Aunt who worked in the media buisness, to help with the Baby expenses and help her aunt with the rent. Though everytime Emma offered to help out with the money her aunt would reply "No Babe, I have money that might last me a lifetime".

Emma's baby was almost to years old. She was a healthy baby girl named Layla.

Whenever Emma looked at Layla, she reminded her so much of Harry. His eyes, His Dimples, and His Lucious Curls. Layla got it all from him.

Emma was sitting in the living room playing with Layla, waiting for her aunt to arrive.

Ring Ring Ring

She picked up Layla and walked over to the phone.

"Hello?" Emma answered.

"Emma! Turn your TV on to channel 7!" Charlotte yelled on the other end of the line.

"Channel 7? Why? and How do you know the channels in America?" Emma asked suspiciously.

"Emma for gods sakes! Just do it!" Charlotte shouted.

"Fine." Emma walked over to the couch sitting Layla down and handing her a toy to play with. She grabbed the remote and changed it to channel 7. "What now?" Emma asked.

"Just wait!" Charlotte said.

The show went back on after having a commercial break.

"We are back with some more Channel 7 news, British boyband One Direction is making history selling out there first American tour." The news reporter said. My heart was beating fast. Tour? "They will be Down here in Los Angeles doing two shows on the same day. For those of you who didn't get a chance to win tickets go to our website and enter the 1D Contest." The reporter smiled before going on about some other news.

"Emma..? Are you still there?" Charlotte asked.

"Charlotte what am I going to do!" Emma panicked.

"What if you just tell Harry the truth." Charlotte suggested.

"Charlotte are you crazy! Harry is living his dream right now I can't ruin it for him!" Emma protested.

"You already did by not telling him years ago!" Charlotte argued.

Emma looked over at Layla who was in her own little world playing by herself.

"No, I'm doing good by myself. I don't need Harry." Emma said.

"What happens when Emma starts aking you why other children have a mom and a dad and she only has a mom!?" Charlotte asked.

Emma didn't know what to say. She never thought of it like that. "I will handle it when the time comes and when she does ask me. Lets not over think things please." She sighed.

"I guess your right. Oh Hey, I'm actually on my way to the California right now. But I'm still at the airport." Charlotte said cheerfully.

"That's great when will you land?" Emma asked.

"I should get there in 5 hours or so? Don't worry I'm catching a taxi! I can't wait to tell you the great news!" Charlotte screetched.

"Okay then have a safe flight, Babe." Emma Laughed.

"I will! See you soon!" Charlotte said before hanging up.

It was just 12 P.M. in the afternoon and throughout the whole day all she could think about was Harry.

"Emma! I'm Home!" Her aunt Sage yelled closing the door behind her.

"Hey, Sage!" Emma shouted from the living room.

"Hello, Babe. How is Layla?" Her aunt said picking Layla up and spinning her around, as Layla laughed joyfully.

"Sage, Charlotte is on her way here is it okay if she stays for a couple of days?" I asked.

"Sure, aslong as both of you clean the house and feed yourselves." Sage laughed.

"Thanks Sage." Emma laughed.

"Oh Emma, the boss wants to talk to you later, She says it's important." Sage said putting Layla down.

"Okay. I guess I'll stop by at 6." Emma smiled.

Could Ms. Morgan want to fire her? No.. Emma didn't do anything wrong.

Time flew by and soon Charlotte was standing infront of the house. Emma ran to answer the door.

"Charlotte your here!" Emma smiled welcoming her in.

"Missed me?" Charlotte laughed.

"Tons!" Emma said.

"Where's Layla?" Charlotte asked.

"Upstairs sleeping." Emma smiled. "Charlotte I feel terrible but do you mind keeping an eye on her while I go to the office?" Emma asked.

"Sure! Go! I'll tell you the good news when you come back!" Charlotte said.

"Thanks! Charlotte! I'll be back!" Emma shouted as she ran out the house and to her small car. She quickly drove over to the office, and into Ms. Morgan's office.

"Emma, Take a seat please." Ms. Morgan smiled warmily.

Emma sat down, without hesitation.

"Okay, I have been observing you at work lately and thought to myself, why not give this girl a promotion." Ms. Morgan smiled.

"A Pr-Promotion?" Emma said confused.

"Yes, this job will be temporary, and will give you a good income." Ms. Morgan said wiggling her eyebrows.

"What will the job require?" Emma asked.

"Well I heard your a good actor, and I thought to myself why go making phone calls like crazy when I have an actor right here." She smirked. "Well anyways, All you have to do is go out with a guy, for a couple of months." She paused. "But not just any guy, a pretty handsome celebrity guy." She smiled.

Emma's heart stopped. What?

"I don't know..." Emma said unsure, shaking her head.

"C'mon Emma, you will get a income every week of $7,500." Ms. Morgan said trying to convince Emma. "It's not like you couldn't use the money, and plus this job will open a lot of doors for you." She sighed.

Ms. Morgan had a point. Emma couldn't keep living with her aunt she had to move out and make something of herself.

"When do I start?" Emma asked.

"Tomorrow. You will meet him at a nearby Cafe, and talk details." Ms. Morgan said, "Oh and please do not tell this to anyone unless it's your aunt, I trust her." She smiled opening the door for Emma signaling her to leave her office.

"Thank you Ms. Morgan." Emma said exiting the office.

On her way back home all Emma could think about was this celeberity who she was going to be dating in less than 24 hours.

Was he a jerk face? Full of himself? or was He nice? and willing to Respect Her?

Only time would tell...


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