Love Lost Faith

Emma is a teen mom. That was the last thing she ever expected of herself. The father of the baby? No other than Harry Styles.
Emma moved to the U.S. hoping to leave the past behind and never to see Harry again. What happens when she comes face to face with the father of her baby? Will she tell him? Will he take resposibilty or leave her again?


7. The Bandmates

Harry held Layla up in the air streching his arms as they both giggled at each other.

"Harry Put her down! Your going to drop her!" Emma scolded trying to take Layla away from Harry.

"Calm down Emma we're just having some fun." Harry chuckeled as he brought Layla down to his chest, and spun around with her.

"Well sometimes 'Having fun' can get you into trouble." Emma said more to herself.

Harry sighed, "Emma I said I was-"

"I know Harry, but a sorry isn't going to undo what happened." Emma paused. "But, Layla is one of the best things that's happened to me.. " Emma smiled a little looking at Layla stare cluelessly at the birds in the sky.

"What about me?" Harry asked.

"What about you?" Emma whispered looking away.

"Am I one of the best things that-" Harry said before being interupted.

"Mr. Styles!" A guy with a camera said, as Harry turned Layla around so that her face was on his chest. "Who's the baby?" He asked.

Emma quickly took off her sweater and used it to cover Layla with it.

"Is that your baby?" He asked snapping photos of them, as the guy turned to look at Emma.

Emma looked away, and kept walking.

"Sorry we have to go." Harry said, as he grabbed Emma's hand and they jogged back to her house.

Luckly the guy was pleased with the pictures he caught of them and didn't follow them home.

"Sorry Emma. I didn't know that would happen." Harry said as he removed the sweater from Layla's head and put her down.

"Harry, What are we going to do now?" Emma said.

"We have to tell everyone the truth." Harry sighed.

"Are you sure? What about your family? Your bandmates? and your fans?" Emma Asked concerned.

"Well my family always liked you." Harry smiled, "My mates will understand, and as for the fans; if their real fans they will support me till the end." He grinned.

"You always look at the brightside. Don't you Harry." Emma said.

"Well, you know.. Any ways I'll talk to our management and see if we could do something to try to hide those pictures, for a while to give us time to prepare for this." Harry said.

"Okay, Your right." Emma nodded at him.

"Okay well I have to go take care of that before the pictures get out." Harry said walking to the door.

"Bye Emma." He smiled kissing her cheek lightly, before walking out the door.

Emma placed her hand on her cheek as she watched the door close infront of her, "Bye Harry."



"What! Emma! You have to be more careful!" Charlotte scolded Emma.

"I know! But I forget Harry Is a big Popstar sometimes!" Emma said.

"Emma! Someone wants to talk to you!" Sage yelled from downstairs.

"I'll be back." Emma groaned as she ran downstairs.

"Who is it?" Emma asked getting to the bottom of the stairs.

"It's Harry, He's on the phone." Sage smirked, handing her the phone.

"Hello?" Emma said putting the phone on her ear.

"Hey! Em, Well I told the boys about you and they want to meet you. Do you have any plans tonight?" Harry asked.

"No, I shouldn't." Emma smiled.

"Great! Bring Layla along to! Meet me at the Hotel. We usually stay at the one near the beach." Harry addded.

"Okay I'll be there at 7." Emma said.

"Alright, See you, babe." Harry said before hanging up.

Emma put the phone back and ran back up stairs.

"Charlotte! I'm going out tonight!" Emma said walking to the closet.

"Good! And may I ask with who?" She smirked.

"Harry, and his band mates" Emma smirked.

"What about that guy who left you those lovely love bites?" Charlotte giggled.

"I'm probably never going to see him again.." Emma frowned bitting her lip.

"Well if your going to try to get back with Harry I think that's best." Charlotte grinned.

"Wait, I-I'm not trying to get back with Harry, I just want Me and Harry to get along for Layla's sake." Emma stuttered.

"Well it looks to me like you still care about Harry way more than you want to admit." Charlotte teased.

"What ever! I have to get ready. So out!" Emma said throwing a nearby teddy bear at Charlotte.

"Your so nice!" Charlotte laughed as she walked out the room.


Emma changed into a nice pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a white, loose, sleeved shirt with some white toms to go along with it.

She quickly gave Layla a bath, and changed her into a cute pink dress.

She grabbed Layla's sweater, her keys, and phone. Emma carried Layla as she walked down stairs.

"Sage I'm going to Harry's, I'll try to be back by 10." Emma told her as Sage looked up from her chair.

"Okay! Have fun!" Sage shouted.

Emma  walked out of the house and opened the back door of her car where Layla's booster seat was and buckled her in.

She secured her safely and closed the door, and she ran to the drivers seat closing the door as she sat down and took of to Harry's Hotel.


She got there quicker than she expected.

There where a lot of teenage girls standing infront of the hotel.

 She drove into the Hotel's parking lot and parked the car.

She got off and carefully took out Layla laying her over her shoulder and covering Layla with a blanket.

"Hello you must be Emma." A buff looking guy said behind Emma making her jump. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you. I'm Paul." He smiled taking out his hand.

"Emma." She smiled shaking his hand. 

"The boys are waiting for you C'mon." He smiled.

Emma closed the door of her car and locked it.

She quickly followed behind Paul who led her to a elevator. He pressed Floor 13, as the doors closed and soon the Elevator quickly made it's way to the 13th floor.


The bell rung.

"The room is the last one on the Left." Paul pointed out.

"Thanks" She smiled walking down the hallway that was gaurded by security gaurds.

She finally reached the room she used her free hand to knoock on the door.

"Em! Your here!" Harry smiled giving her a hug and then a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm here." She laughed lightly, a bit nervous to meet Harry's bandmates.

"Come in." He said pulling her inside.

"You guys, This is Emma." Harry grinned, "Emma, that's Liam, Louis and Niall." Harry smiled introducing them.

"Hi." She waved nervously.

"Is she asleep?" Louis asked coming closed as he removed the sweater from Layla's head.

"Yeah she fell asleep on the ride here." Emma laughed a little.

"Guys! Were out of Sauce-" A guys familiar voice said.

Emma looked up to see Zayn.

They were both completely flustered, stopping dead on their tracks.

"Zayn this is Emma, Emma this is my mate Zayn." Harry smiled placing his hand on Zayn's shoulder.

What. Was this a terrible joke.



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