Love Lost Faith

Emma is a teen mom. That was the last thing she ever expected of herself. The father of the baby? No other than Harry Styles.
Emma moved to the U.S. hoping to leave the past behind and never to see Harry again. What happens when she comes face to face with the father of her baby? Will she tell him? Will he take resposibilty or leave her again?


3. Meeting The Celeberity

Emma got back home where Charlotte was making Layla a warm bottle of milk.

"I'm back" Emma smiled picking up Layla and giving her a small kiss on her cheek, before putting her down.

"Great! Now I can tell you the good news!" Charlotte cheered.

"What is it!?" Emma asked excitedly.

"Guess who's moving to LA?" She laughed.

"Really! But How!?" Emma asked.

"Well long story short, I got accepted into UCLA and yeah." Charlotte said.

"That's great!" Emma said hugging her.

"So what did the boss tell you?" Charlotte smirked.

"I'm being promoted." Emma smiled.

"That's Awesome! Congrats!" Charlotte giggled.

"I guess.." Emma sighed.

 "What do you mean I guess!?" Charlotte shouted.

"It's just a weird promotion." Emma whispered.

"What do you mean?" Charlotte asked completely interested.

"It's just.. The job involves me dating.. Someone? But not just any some one a celebrity.." Emma whispered.

"What! Really?Can I get his autograph!?" Charlotte joked.

Emma punched her playfully on the arm.    

"Charlotte! This is serious!" Emma pouted.

"Emma this isn't the worst situation ever! Think about it, your getting paid for dating a celebrity! I would take that job the second its offered to me!" Charlotte shouted.  

"I know, but it doesn't seem right." Emma sighed.  

"Well it's just temporly, it's not like your marrying the guy. And it's not like your killing anyone." Charlotte smiled.

 "Why, do you always have to be right!" Emma shouted.  

"I don't know.." Charlotte said sarcaticly.  

"Alright Charlotte, Let's get some sleep." Emma yawned picking up Layla.

"Goodnight, Charlotte. You know where the guest room is at."  

"Good night!" Charlotte shouted behind her.  

Emma went up stairs and put Layla to sleep.  

Emma layed on her bed thinking to herself about how her life might change tomorrow, as her eyes began to close slowly and she drifted into a deep sleep.  




Emma woke up at 7 in the morning. She looked over at Layla's crib as she still layed there sleeping comfortably.   Emma decided to take a shower. She wore some dark blue skinny Jeans with a white lace tanktop, with a black cardigain, and some black TOMS. Then headed downstairs making some crepes.  

"What ever that is it smells delicious!" Charlotte yawned as she held Layla, and placed her down on the chair.  

"Their Crepes, It has Nutela, Strawberries and banana slices." Emma smiled.   "Well I bet their delicious!" Charlotte said brightly.  

"Are you going out today?" Emma asked.  

"Yeah, there's this Hotel around UCLA, and I have an interview later today." Charlotte sighed, unenthusiastically.  

"Sounds like fun." Emma gave her a small smile.  

"More like hell. I hate interviews." Charlotte said.  

"Hey! I know you'll get it." Emma laughed.  

"Your right!" Charlotte chimed as Emma handed her a crepe.  

"I need to call the babysitter, I'm going to be getting a boyfriend soon. Yuppie!" Emma Said sarcatically.

"Hey! What if it's like Justin Bieber or something." She suggested

"Taken, by Selena Gomez!" Emma laughed.  

"Hey! I would take a bite out of that-" Charlotte said.

  "Baby in the room!" Emma shouted covering Layla's ears.

  "Oops sorry." Charlotte said taking a bite of her crepe.

  "Alright you should go get ready for this interview." Emma said as Charlotte finished up her Crepe.

  "Do I have to?" Charlotte said.

  "Yes! Books cost like 100 Dollars!" Emma protested.

  "Ugh! Fine!" Charlotte said, leaving the kitchen and going upstairs.  

Emma fed Layla and quickly called her babysitter, telling her to be here at 12 P.M.

  Ms.Morgan texted her the information of the hotel and the time last night before she fell asleep.  

Emma grabbed Layla and placed her in a gate area where she played with her toys, So that Emma could get ready.

  Emma let her wavy brown hair fall to the side. She didn't see the need to wear make up.

  She grabbed all her necesities and placed them in her bag.  

Soon it was 12 PM and the babysitter arrived.

  Emma kissed Layla goodbye, and gave Chalotte a quick good luck hug, and rushed out to the Cafe.

  She arrived to the Cafe seeing a couple of Paparazzi surrounding the place.

  She walked into the Cafe and looked around. He should have been here by now.  

"Hi, How may I help you today?" The short petite girl asked.  

"I have a table reserved for two?" Emma said.   "Name?" She asked.   "Emma Rae?" Emma said.

  "Come with me." She smiled and walked her to an out side table where a guy's back was facing her.   Her heart was beating faster with each second.  

He seemed really familiar, which was odd.. Considering she was only starring at his back.

  His Hair, It was.. Curly.  

He turned around, and she stopped.




His green eyes stared into hers, for what seemed like an eternity.  

Until he finally said something.  

"Em?" He asked.  

"I-I, I'm sorry.." Emma said turning away to walk away.  

"Emma!" He shouted behind her, as she tried to hold back her tears.

  She felt someone grab her wrist which sent little tingles up her hand.

  She missed the touch of Harry.

  She looked up at him, meeting with those beautiful hypmotizing green eyes.  

"Let's Talk, Please." He whispered.   She didn't know what to do, She couldn't run from this. Not today.  

She nodded as Harry lead them back to the table.  

At this moment Emma felt the world was a small place. That maybe, this means something. But she wasn't sure what this 'something' was with the millions of things running through her mind.   _______________________________________________  


Hey! I really hope you enjoyed this! I'm stayed up late typing the chapter My eyes and brain are slowly shutting down.   Comment, Like, and Favourite Please :) And if you really liked it Fan me.   *Side Note: I read all the comments you guys leave, It's what gets me to write a new chapter everyday instead of every few days.

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