A Dream Come True

Hi im Olivia! I love to dance my dream is to become a professional dancer one day. My parents both died when i was really young so I have been living with my aunt Martha, my uncle Tom, and my two cousins Sabrina and Moe. We live in a little town in The UK called Abingdon, Oxfordshrire. I absolutely HATE living here my aunt is a witch my uncle is never home and my cousins act like im their maid! Sounds like the life huh? -_-


2. The Plan


“Olivia why isn’t my room cleaned?” “Olivia why isn’t dinner ready?” “Olivia why do you have to be so stupid?” “I feel bad for your ‘friends’ they have to listen to you talk about something stupid all the time!” This is pretty much what I hear every single fricking day. Every time my cousins come home from school ,that’s when the nightmare starts. They try to make my life as miserable as possible! Luckily my aunt doesn’t get home until late at night, she’s also a pain! When my uncle gets home things are no different, all he does is sit in his office and work on the computer, he’s a computer nerd and my aunt is a fashion designer… is it just me or do you think that’s just weird? Anyway today is Thursday and I’m planning on sneaking out Saturday and leaving forever. I never want to come back cause if I do they WILL keep me hostage and then I wouldn’t be able to live my dream which is to become a professional dancer but if I stay here that’s not gonna happen. I have it all panned out, I will be leaving early Saturday morning when everyone is sleeping so no one can stop me, then I’m heading straight to dance auditions in London. If I make it then I go to finals and if I don’t make it then I have to get an apartment and start life from the beginning which is not what I wanted to do at all! Ever since my parents died, I never had done one thing I wanted to do plus I was never aloud to spend my money. I don’t know why I wasn’t aloud to touch MY money but I wasn’t even aloud to go near it. But now that I have my own license and car, it’s time that I can go off by myself. I was always in charge of getting Aunt Martha what she needed so I had one of her credit cards. When I tomorrow I’m going to hire a maid because there’s no way that jacked up family would be able to live by themselves. I heard a high pitched annoying voice yell at me “Olivia come here!” I followed the voice that was coming from the living room, it was Moe and Sabrina. “Can I help you?” I asked annoyed “Yah I need you to do my homework for me.” Sabrina said handing me her book bag. If it wasn’t for me doing their homework for them they wouldn’t be anywhere near passing. “And bake me a cake make sure its chocolate.” Demanded Moe “Like you needed more food.” I mumbled under my breath, sadly she didn’t hear me. After I finished Sabrina’s homework and baking the cake, I was exhausted! I went to my room and laid down on my bed taking a deep breath. I sat up and looked at the clock, it was 11:11p.m. I closed my eyes and made a wish. As I opened my eyes I turned on the television and watched Friends. I started to get tired so I shut my television off. I was so nervous for Saturday. I wonder who were going to be dancing for, what if it was Demi Lovato or Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone? I can already tell that when I get to the auditions I’m going to freak out but in a good way. As I thought about Saturday I fell asleep.

     ~The Next Day~

I got up at 5:30a.m. to get the girls ready for school. When they left I went back to my room and fell back asleep. My alarm clock went off at 9;00a.m. Which meant I had to get Aunt Martha to wake up so she could get ready for work. After I woke her up, she threw her pillow at my face and told me to leave. Boy what would I do without her? I took a deep breath holding in my anger and walked out of the room. I went down stairs into the kitchen and made her breakfast. After she was done eating and the limo was their to pick her up she gave me my list of chores to do while everyone is gone. Uncle Tom left hours ago so after Aunt Martha left I was home alone. As I cleaned I turned up the music and started to put in my own dance moves. It made cleaning go a lot faster. After I was done with every single chore, I called a permanent maid. Luckily she will start tomorrow and will be here at 5:30a.m. This is good everything so far everything was going as planned, I hope it stays this way too!

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