I Said I Couldn't Pick..But I Did *A One Direction Love Story*

When Ally Jones dad becomes One Direction's new Manager she meets them Liam,Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry as they get to know her they fall desperately in love with her she said she couldnt pick but she does and who will she pick.?


2. Getting to know Ally

"ermm...Let me show you to your room" Zayn says i nod and he leadse up there and...wow this room is huge "woah you guys went all out" "yeah we thought it was just him lucky for us we had two guest rooms so yea" "thanks" i smiled and grab my bags from his hands "Um..Ally.." "yea.?" "i dont mean to jump in your personal life or anything but how did your mom die.?" i sigh and pat a seat next me he sat and i started to talk "well....it was jusy a regualr morning me my
mum and dad went for a drive--" "who was driving.?" "my dad" "oh.." "yea um before i knew it truck tiped over and landed on us i know what your thinking how did i live well it went to one side of the car which landed on my moms side and---and--" i couldnt hold it in i bursted in to tears before i knew Zayn pulled me into a hug and started rubbing my back "shh shh its alright" i dont know what happend with me i couldnt stop a minuet later i did stop though i pulled back and saw the worry in his eyes "Zayn dont worry i'll be fine" i smile so does he "i'll leave you alone for a while to settle in if you need amything me and the lads will be down stairs" "ok" i smile then he leaves i never knew he could be so sweet ugh i dont wanna unpak bymyself hahaha im just that lazy so i open my door "LIAM.!!" i shout then i see him running up the staires lloking all worried haha "WHAT WRONG.!?!" "nothing can you jusy help me unpack" "oh of course" ....it took an hour to unpack me and Liam
had so much in common we laughed alot it was fun i winder how all the other guys are..
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