Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


60. In His Arms

Lottie's P.O.V.
"Thank you boys and girls for auditioning today. The call back list will be up online tomorrow at noon."
David whispered to me," Your staying over at my place right?"
I forgot I promised him I would, so this should be sufficiently awkward...
" David, Louis and Grace get their results back this afternoon... Could I possibly come over later tonight?"
" Do you want me to come with you? For moral support?" he wasnt smiling, he was more concerned about my feelings then Grace and Louis's. He was the only person I told about the possibility, and he was sworn to secrecy.
I shook my head," No. I need to do this alone. Plus I need to find Lou a birthday present. It is the day after tomorrow."
" Oh right!! Well yes you should come by later then."
He was smiling down at me, and I decided to scruff up his dirty blond, straight hair which annoyed him.
" Hey!" he yelled.
" Thanks Dave, see yeah later," I planted a small kiss on his lips and walked out of the auditorium.
I wasn't nervous about call backs since there was only three Sandy and Danny pairs including me and David, and I nailed that number.
The reason I was staying over night was so we could reherse for call backs.
I wanted Sandy so badly, I could only imagine how romantic it would be, and how hot David would look. His voice was already incredible and he had the look... But did I?
I got into the car with my mum and we drove off to find Lou his present, which knowing his taste, should be interesting.

Grace's P.O.V.
"Mr. Tomlinson, before that i think you should know I don't believe see pregnant with one child. I believe she's pregnant with two."
My eyes grew wide and my hands immediately went to my stomach. Two... Does that mean...
" What?!" Louis and I both practically yelled.
" We found the one early in examination... We thought you knew-"
" I didn't know at all sir. I haven't taken any tests or-"
" Ms. Please let me finish," he said, quieting both Louis and I down.
I nodded and he continued," We found two children inside you. It does in fact affect our test results and that is why we had to take the extra two. Those are not affected by pregnancy's since I'd imagine Mr. Tomlinson is the father?"
I nodded, looking at Louis. He was smiling down at his lap, in sheer joy of this news.
" Well, the tests that count came back negative. The others were affected by the pregnancy. Our finally results and the states records stay. You are not related to each other."
After that he gathered his papers, we thanked him politely, and he left.
I leaped into Louis's arms and kissed him so many times, I never wanted to stop, but he pulled away.
" This is the best Birthday/ Christmas present I could ever ask for babe," he said.
I laughed," I'm still getting you something."
" All I could ever ask for is right in my arms."

Louis's P.O.V.
I was to deal with all this legal stuff later, dealing with the imposter of her father and maybe not even my father.
It was the last of my worries, though it shouldve been first.
I held her in my arms, thinking now she could be mine, forever. And she was having my children. Two.
I thought about being a father, and the best parts of it.
All I had left to do now was to ask her that very important question.... But how? And when??
I didn't care. As long as I was with her nothing else mattered.
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