Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


46. Gentle yet Strong

Liam's P.O.V.
Grace came home with me still that night, despite what she told Louis.
She needed time. And unfortunately Louis didn't really understand that.
I was storming like crazy, so I had Niall drive, and I sat with her in the back seat to make sure she was ok.
She was shaking the whole way back, and I just kept running my hand through her dirty blond hair.
Then I realized it looked like the same color Lottie has.
" Grace, is this your natural hair color?"
She shook hair head no," Well kind of, I get highlights done every once in a while."
I nodded, this wasnt good, but something deep down inside me was happy.
The possibility that her and Louis couldn't be together gave me a false hope I really shouldn't have.
She belonged to Louis, so why did it feel so good comforting her like this.
Niall would look back occasionally, giving me questionable looks.
When we pulled into the garage I helped her inside, while Niall went down the street to recover her bag from her car.
Her car.
She couldn't afford a new one and that one was trashed.
I would fix that.
I brought her into the living room, practically carrying her as she still had trouble with her legs.
Niall came in after drenched, but he had the bag.
" So... Want to watch a film?"
" Sure!" she said," What do you have?"
I went through the embarrassing amount of Disney movies I owned.
" Mulan is a good one, so is Tarzan," she said.
Niall laughed," Liam has seen all of them at least twice, so go ahead and pick."
I was going to kill him later.
I blushed from embarrassment.
" It's ok Liam, I love disney movies too quite a bit," she said.
Oh not it kill me. She's funny, smart, cute, caring, and she likes Disney movies. This is going to be hard.

Louis's P.O.V.
" Yes how many DNA tests are there availible currently?" I asked.
I had been on the phone with this woman for 2 hours and it was almost midnight.
" Currently we can perform 3 of them.. Are you interested?"
No I only stayed on the phone for two hours to find out," Yes, I want to test if I am related to this girl I met a while ago..."
" Well the tests are not always acurate Mr. Tomlinson, but we are open tomorrow from 9-3."
" Great we will be there."
I didn't even need to ask Grace if she was availible, because it was Saturday.
I don't know how she was going to work, but I think maybe I can pull a few strings and get her off for a week.

Lottie's P.O.V.
I kissed him again, just so I wouldnt get the talk about how I'm " beautiful inside and out".
I looked outside theliving room window, rain.
" Wow, it's really storming," I said.
" Yeah, just the power doesn't go off.... It will get really cold."
I laughed," But even if it does, I'll have you to warm up to."
He leaned in a kissed me again, and we got lost in each other for a while.
His hands going through my hair, mine wrapped around his neck.
He was very careful though not to hurt my knee.
Gentle yet Strong.
" Lottie?"
" Yes?"
" I know it's a long way away, but.... This summer, my mum is taking me to America, California to be more specific. And... I want you to come with me."
I smiled, he knew it was on my bucket list to go there," How long is the trip?"
" About 2 weeks. Are you in?"
I nodded really really fasted even though I knew our mothers would be talking.
David's father left when he was younger, and he never met him.
It was kind of like my father, but more extreme.
I never see my father, but I know he loves me.
He smiled and went back to watching Grease. I just continued looking at him.
" What?" he asked when I realized.
" Don't you have a tv in your room?"
I don't know how I became that confident, but he smiled, picked me up, and we went to finish the movie in his room.

Grace's P.O.V.
At almost midnight it was still storming outside badly.
I was shaking scared pretty much the entire night, but I got a little better.
I got a text from Louis telling me, yeah not even asking, that we were taking a DNA test tomorrow.
I looked forward to it, but it scared me at the same time.
Niall went to bed, and Liam and I were finishing Tarazan.
I could feel his eyes on me, but I chose to ignore it, he was probably making sure I was ok.
" Grace do you have trouble sleeping during these storms?"
I nodded.
" Do you want to sleep in my room? I'll sleep on the floor."
It was sort of deja Vu from what Louis did.
" No it's not necessary for you to sleep on the floor."
" But what-"
" I don't know how I'll be tonight. Last time I freaked out Louis had to sleep next to me the entire night, and I don't want to bother you more than I have-"
" Your not bothering me at all Grace, just let me know what you need me to do and I'm here for you."
" Ok... Um... You dont have to sleep on the floor, but can I stay with you?"
I smiled lightly, trying not to show how happy I was I would get the comfort her like I did before all night," Sure, now come on I'll help you."
We walked to my room, and she went into the bathroom, walking by herself, to get changed.
She walked back out, a little wabbly in black silk pajamas pants with pink poka dogs and a white socking sleeve soccer jersey that said Tomlinson on the back.
I laughed at the sight of the familiar shirt.
" What?" she said.
" Nothing, I just, I was at that soccer game, and memories came back, good memories."
She smiled," He gave it to me when I moved in because I said it felt good.
She hugged herself, feeling the fabric up and down her arms.
She was probably thinking about Louis's arms around her, and then a big bolt of lightening came and thunder. It was so close to my house.
I looked across the street and there my neighbor's house began to be eaten by fire.
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