Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


67. Diagnosed

Lottie's P.O.V.
Yet again I woke up in an abandon hospital room. This one wasn't all white though like the last. It had green painted walls which gave me a sort of natural feeling.
I noticed how many machines I was hooked up to. What was wrong with me?!
I was aching in my chest and I couldn't move my body without extreme pain. I called out a few times but no one answered.
Finally I was able to reach my phone and bring it toward me without much pain. If it got to be too much I started to see the circles again.
6:36 read my phone, PM. I had been out all day, and we had rehersals today!
Think Lot, obviously there is a serious reason you are here and someone else is here with you.
Soon after I got my phone my mother came in with Daisy, Pheobe, and Felicite right behind her, all teary eyed. David followed ushering them in the now crowded room.
He came to the other side of the bed and weakly grabbed ahold of my hand.
" Miss Tomlinson, I'm afraid we have some unfortunate news to make you aware of. We have run multiple tests and have diagnosed you with a very minor type of brain cancer. Treatment is avalible and since we caught it early enough you can e healed, but it is expensive.
I looked over at my mom who was crying at this point.
" How expensive?" I croaked looking at her but meaning to speak to the doctor.
" Expensive enough that your mother will have trouble paying it. We will do everything we can to help, but as of now we cannot lower the price."
" Dad..."
" Sweetheart," my mum started," Your father... Your father is gone. He has left the family and disowned us."
" So...." It hit me," Im going to die? After all of this I'm just going to die?"
" No, Charlotte your brother has offered to pay for it along with Grace instead of the planned honeymoon he wanted. She doesn't know so you can't text her. Louis hasn't even proposed yet."
" There's one more thing Lot," she looked over at David and then ushered everyone out of the room.
My heart was beating. My father was gone, Louis and Grace weren't going on a honeymoon because of me, and I had brain cancer. What next?!
" Lot," his voice shook as he tried to hold back tears," Im so sorry."
I stroked his cheek, clearing it of tears," It's not your fault. How did you get me here?"
" I drove. Charlotte, I love you, with all of my heart. I know we are so young but under the situation I did some serious thinking."
" Thinking about what?"
" Us. And our future."

Grace's P.O.V.
Louis came the one day we had to do the most intense romantic scene in the whole movie. It was when they characters finally profess their love for each other, and it's so emotional I was scared. Plus I had a tight outfit on and it didnt make me feel attractive.
Nick though different," You look beautiful," he said.
" Thanks, I guess," I said back and walked toward Lou. I was in a tight brown dress and heels as it was a school dance.
" Wish me luck?" I asked giving him a warm hug.
" You look-"
" let's not talk about it. Just remember," I started," I love you more than anything and when I'm kissing him out there, it's really you in my mind."
He blushed," If you do half the stuff you Dow its me I will get jealous."
" Good," I said," Jealousy is sexy."
I strutted back to the set and we began.
" Action."
" Why does it matter to you what Alice and I do?! Because you intentionally screwed up our date and she's never going to forgive me!"
" I don't know why you liked her anyway John. She was just using you to get Justin jealous. But you can't see that can you?! Otherwise if you did you would know...."
" I would know what? That I'm not going to have a date for the dance now? That no one will ever love me-"
" God, I LOVE YOU!" Nick perfectly froze up and I knew I was so believable it was scary. Now to finish it off," I've loved you since 5th grade, but you never wanted me. I figured since I wasn't good enough for you as a girlfriend I would just be your friend. I've loved you for 7 years..." I tested up just like I practiced, but instead of fake they were real. I really got into my character.
I looked up at him one last time," Now you know. I'm sorry." And my character started running away, out of the restaurant.
She only makes it a few steps though, because a hand pulls her back.
I turn around and there's Lou," All this time you loved me and you didn't tell me?"
I gulped and nodded feeling my breath hitch. He laughs," I've loved you too."
I my character tries to deny it, but then we got to the end," How can I prove my love?" He says.
Lou, with his messy brown hair and stinging blue eyes. He was perfect in every way, and he was mine.
" Kiss me," is the final line in the scene. Then we kissed for moments on end and I felt deeply saddened as I remembered it was Nick and there was no spark.
" Cut!"
I pulled away from Nick and looked at him smiling," Good job bud!!"
" Thanks! He said turned around so I couldn't see his front. He was making a beeline the the bathrooms. Really Nick?
I found Louis an ld immediately kissed him," There's the spark I missed."
" What?" He replied laughing a bit.
When I was with Nick I told you he becomes you, but when we kiss there's no spark because only you and I have that."
He smiled," Are you done for the day?"
" I wish. We have to do that scene one more time-"
" That'll be hard since your costar will be gathering himself in the bathroom a while."
I blushed and Louis said," Hey I don't blame the guy! He's working with you it's nearly impossible."
" Nearly?" I said taking a step forward so that our whole bodies were touching.
He gulped," Your cute, but don't do this to me. We can't. There happens to be two angels inside you currently."
He bent down and kissed my stomach web though
I was still the same small I was before.
He stood up and pulled out his phone," Oh my God. David..."
" What happened!?"
" Lottie has brain cancer. They found out this morning."
My heart broke. She was practically a sister to me. This couldn't happen. No.
" My mum can't afford treatment," was the next thing he said.
Then he looked up at me," We have to help her then," I said and he nodded.
" I knew you would say that."
" Can we?"
He nodded," I'll pay for most of it."
" Let me help please, I do actually get paid for this movie weekly Lou."
He sighed," Fine. But only because its Lottie.'if it were anything else I wouldn't let you."
" She's as much a sister to me as she is to you at this point."

Louis's P.O.V.
We went to go visit Lottie in the hospital and I could see some reason she was hiding her hand.
I chose not to question it then, but rather go home with my beautiful girlfriend and our two little angels.
As we were going to bed she resumed her position from before. She was so close and I could feel it happening.
" Grace...."
" Shhhh. I'm not done yet."
" Hey!!!" Harry yelled from the hallway," Are you done? Can I come in?"
We rushed around picking up clothes and when Grace was done I let him in.
" Whats up?"
" Lottie is all over the magazines and articles and some people are even raising money for her."
" What?!" Grace yelled.
" Yeah check it out!" He pulled up his laptop and showed us. The amount blew me away. That was more then I made for the whole movie.
" Louis, what does that one say?" I pointed to the corner.
"Eleanor was seen leaving Mr. Tomlinson's from staying the night earlier this week. She looked in quick a hurry but not before stopping and waving to us as she got in her cab.
Only then did we remember the conflict of Louis's girlfriend, Grace Johnson."
I looked at both him and Harry hurt," I.... What...." I wanted to say anything but my mouth remained closed.
He didnt love me. He never did.
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