Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


37. Believe Me

Lottie's P.O.V.
The first thing they did was take a bunch of x rays. I hated them because they moved my foot in directions it hurt badly.
I just kept praying I'd be ok, as i couldn't bare the thought of not playing football.
The put me back in the wheel chair and wheeled me back to my room.
Grace was there, but Louis wasn't.
When I gave her a confused look she said," He had to talk to someone that stopped by."
I nodded," Who?"
" Um.." her eyes were going from the door to me to the floor.
" It was David wasn't it?"
She nodded.
I was laid back down, after a lot of work for two nurses and Grace.
" I want to see him," I said. I had some final words, and maybe hed spare himself by seeing what Sarah is like.
" I don't think that's a good idea Lottie," Grace said shaking her head.
" I want to see him."
" Fine," she practically stalked out f the room, leaving me alone.
10 minutes pasted before there was I knock on the door.

Louis's P.O.V.
" So thats what happened Dave?"
He nodded. We were sitting in the cafeteria. He was a good kid overall, but I still wasn't sure.
He looked up at me with hopeful eyes," Can I see Lottie?"
" Yes you can shes waiting for you," Grace said from behind me.
I flinched as I didnt know she was behind me.
" Thank you," he shook my hand and nodded at Grace.
Wow, maybe he was a little too formal.
I turned back to Grace wrapping my arms around her," Babe I still got us dinner. We can eat in the car."
He turned her head to look at me from behind," Later we have to make sure Lottie's alright."
I groaned," Alright. Give her and Dave time though."
I sat down and pulled her down on my lap.
She looked like she was close to tears," Hey Lottie will be ok this isn't your fault."
" But she was hurt under my time."
I shook my head," We couldn't have done more then we did babe. It'll be ok."
She rested her head right below my chin, and I squeezed her tightly against me.

Lottie's P.O.V.
He walked in the door and smiled, I didn't smile back.
It hurt me more to look at him right now then it did to move my knee.
I didn't say anything. I figured I'd give him his time to explain.
He came closer to me, and closer, sitting down in a chair next to where I was laying down.
" Lot please let me explain."
" I am, go on."
" I was walking over to gaurd you, and someone tripped me. If you can only guess it was Brian. They tried to set us up, so Sarah tried to flirt with me and I'd imagine Brian was doing the same with you. They want to break us up by making us jelous."
" Brian wasn't flirting, he just pointed to you and Sarah.."
I didn't look at him, I looked down at my hands.
" I know why Sarah doesn't like you Lot."
" Why?"
" Because unlike her your beautiful inside and out. Your kind and friendly toward everyone. Your athletic, smart, and...." he paused laughing a little," A lot of the guys like you."
" Are you being sarcastic?" I didn't know what he meant by laughing.
" No. I'm not."
" Ok then."
" Do you believe me?"
I wanted to believe him, but I just played earlier over and over again in my head.
It made me cry all over again.
He moved to sit with me," Lot what happened? What did she do?"
" She caused this," and I pulled off the blanket so he could see from where my shorts ended to the bottom of my knee how swollen I was. It looked like she stepped on it with her cleat multiple times, when really she just shoved me making it snap.
He didn't know how to react. He was shaking his head though, a sure sign of disappointment.
" Coach said I can be on the team and-"
" I don't care about that Lot... Does it hurt much?"
I nodded," Whenever I moved it."
" So if I kissed you right now and you didn't have to move would it be ok?"
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