Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


82. A Good Weird

Maddison's P.O.V.

Harry walked in about a half hour later, still pale and still looking a little distraught and distance. 


He looked up at me and I saw sorrow. Like I had done something wrong. 

" What happened?"

His gaze returned to the ground, but I came to him, lifting his chin up, as he had done to me, and making him start into my eyes.

" Maddison... Im so sorry. I need to tell you something."

"A good way to start that wouldn't have been im sorry, but ok, sit let's talk"

He start down next to me on the floor, and I waited for him to begin.

" Before I met you, about three months ago, something... something happened by accident one night. Something that could affect a current relationship. And-"

" Oh my God. Lou slept with Eleanor. That's why she's pregnant!! I have to-"

" NO!! Maddison, sit down that's not what happened. It was Christmas, and I... I had gotten very drunk the night before. I brought home a random girl, and it ended up being Eleanor. I never clearly saw the pictures till now, but she is pregnant. Maddison, I'm the father. I'm the father of her child, but I love you with all my heart. I feel like there is a chance I could be with you for a very long time, but now I feel it being ripped away from me all because of Eleanor. And I don't know what to do! I understand if your mad or you don't want to see me anymore. Just know that I love you, and I could never love her."

I took in everything he told me. Was I really strong enough that I could walk away from this, from what we had, just after spending less than an hour with him? Could I really be mad about this?

He was staring at me, begging me silently to say something that would show my feelings toward the subject. Something that would put his heart at ease, but I had none. I silently prayed to God for words as he said," Mads? Speak to me at least. Tell me what you're thinking"

I sighed," I can't say I'm for the situation. I can't because I don't like it at all. But I love you enough to help you through this, and to stick by you. Have you asked for DNA testing to 100% make sure it's yours?"

He kissed my cheek," You are a genius!! I'll do that right now," he started to leave the room again, and I became a little disappointed. I wished he would stay.

A second later sure enough he came waltzing back in," After, I spend some time with my amazing girlfriend."

He grabbed my hand, now that the girls were back in their cribs, and to the living room where we just talked and, as cheesy as it sounds, cuddled for a while. It was like a fantasy, but I knew the fantasy could not last forever.


Grace's P.O.V.

" Grace, will you please marry me? I couldn't think of anything else that would make a happier man. I love you with all of my heart, and I always will."

I had waited for that question for three months. I nodded so quickly that i got dizzy and after the hugging and kissing and spinning around I had to sit back down. That was it. We were engaged. I was finally going to be Mrs. Tomlinson and have the same last name as my girls and Lou of course. And Lottie... 



Lottie was supposed to be the first one I told when this happened. I was supposed to call her up and scream of excitement and enjoyment, but I couldn't do that. She was still in a coma. The doctors said she was almost back though, so maybe...

" Lou, we have to go to the hospital."

" Babe, I just got home and-"

" That's fine you don't have to but watch C and J," great, I thought to myself, I was taking after Maddison," I have to tell Lot. I promised her, and maybe she will snap out of her coma and-"

" Woah. Slow down, ok? Lottie will be fine tomorrow, you can go then. I really really want to spend time with you now."

I sighed," Ok Lou, fine. But first thing in the mornin-"

" The minute the sun comes up I'll drive you. We can stay all day if you want. Ill ask the new couple down there to babysit. ok?" 

i nodded against his stomach. We had started watching mindless TV in our room. It was good to have him back, but it was a weird feeling having a ring on my finger. A good weird

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