I Am An Artist! I'm Here to Live Out Loud!

Tella Horan is an amazing artist..... singing, visual arts.... But, unlike her brother Niall, she has decided to not fufill her dreams just yet.Then when her brother decideds to pull her into the audition her life changes. It's been 2 years since she and Niall have seen each other. They were besties, never able to part. But, after she reunites with her brother, the lads and falls for one of them again.... tragedy strikes. Will things be the same again?


22. The Dinner Situation

A few hours earlier: Harry's POV:

"AH!!!" screams Sarah and Shannon as they see Tella walk through the door. "OMG! missed you so much!" "Missed You!"

"Hey!" said Niall as he walked passed me. As he hugged Tella he looked at me concerningly. Ya I know.... I won't do anything I'll regret if I don't have to. Soon a man around the age of 19 came in.

Sarah's POV:

"So..... Your now dating 'the boy next door' huh?" I said whispering it in her ear. She laughed.

"Ya. He's just parking the car... Oh here he is!"

Soon a tall man at around the age 19 came in. He seems to be 5'10, like Haz. He has blue green eyes. Dirty blond hair. Skinny but built, not to built though. Tella never liked guys who were really built. I gasp, "Oh! he's cute!" I whisper. She smiles then puts her arms around him. He looks down and pecks her lips.

"Max. This is my long time old friend, Sarah." He smiles as he shakes my hand.

"Nice to meet you!" He says. He has a bit of a dutch accent, but his Cnadian one over powers it.

"Thanks! You too!" soon they walk to Shannon and Niall.

"Hey Shannon!" she signs.


"Hey Smiles!"

"Hey Teddy Bear!"

Max suddenly looks confused. Tells laughs then says, "Max. This is one of my big brothers! .... Niall. This is Max." Max then smiles and shakes Nialls hand.

"You a football player."

"Soccer right?"


"Then yes. I'm trying out for the team of Great Britian to be closer to my little Blue Jay!"

Tella smiles as she walks towards me. "Aw! That's his nickname for you?!"

"Heheh Ya.... I call him Maxy or just the regular cliche babe."

"Aw!" He then walks over to her.

"You talking about me?"

"Yes we ar-"

"NO!" I laugh at her as I lick her hand to get it off my mouth. "EWW!!!"


They laugh along. Max seems to be a very nice guy. I like him. I have no bad feelings so I know he'll good for her. I mean I'm always right. My gut for Harry wasn't so good.... Now look. He's a good guy, but I don't know. I like Max. I know he'll never hurt her.

"Come on lets go meet the others."

Tella's POV:

(-words in this font means it is being spoken and signed. ~Janice)

"Max, this is Shannon. She's my stylist and friend. "

"Hi" Shannon waves.

"Hi." Max smiles and shakes her hand.

I walk over to Louis and Zayn who are having a conversation. I look over to the Kitchen to see Harry. He was looking at me. I then look at Max. He smiles. I smile back pulling him closer to me. Soon Lou and Zayn see us and stop talking. They wave and say hello.

"Hey!" says Louis.

"Hi! Missed you bestie!" Then Zayn starts fake crying. I laugh.

"I thought I was your bestie?!" I laugh harder.

"You are! You both are!" He smiles.

"You must be Max!" says Louis.

"And you must be Louis!" Max says in the same tone as him.

"I like him!" I laugh and he shakes his hand.

"Hi. I am Zayn."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too." As we leave they restart their conversation.

"Liam? Where are you?" Suddenly someone tazers me from behind.

"Ah! Liam?!"

"Heheh Hi!" Max and I laugh along. "Hi Max. I'm Liam." he says shaking his hand. "That.... was one way to scare her out of hiccups!" Max laughs as he says this.

"I didn't even have the hiccups?!" They both laugh as I smile there confused.

"Nice to meet you Liam."

"You too!"

Finally.... Harry. This was what I've been nervous about. His reaction.

"Hi Haz"

Harry's POV:

She came into the room. "Hi Haz"

I missed that. Everything we had. All of it. I had a hint of jealousy hit me. She was hugging him like she used to do with me. "Hi"

"Harry, this is my boyfriend Max." I hated that word, boyfriend. I never liked it. Well if I wasn't the one she was calling that.



"Max, this is um.... my-"

"Your ex. I know. I've seen the news and everything. Sorry for what happened." He was directing it to the both of us.

"It's fine." Tella says as she smiles up at him.

"Ya...." He looked at me with eyes of jealousy too. I was angry when he said that. Mainly because he practically took her from me after what had happened between us.

"Well.... you've met everyone! Let's go to the table.'' says Tella breaking a long silence between us.

"Ya let's go." We both say.

Max's POV:

I can't wait for my big surprise! Tella will love it! Even if we've only been dating for almost a year now, I hope she likes it and tells me the answer that'll change my life.....

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