I Am An Artist! I'm Here to Live Out Loud!

Tella Horan is an amazing artist..... singing, visual arts.... But, unlike her brother Niall, she has decided to not fufill her dreams just yet.Then when her brother decideds to pull her into the audition her life changes. It's been 2 years since she and Niall have seen each other. They were besties, never able to part. But, after she reunites with her brother, the lads and falls for one of them again.... tragedy strikes. Will things be the same again?


4. Oh My God!

"Good Luck!" Cheryl Cole tells us.

"Well here it goes.'' Whosper's Niall to me.

"Yupp" I whisper back.

Niall then raises his hand to let the dj know when to start the music.

"Mmmm mmm yeah
Do do do do do do do-do
Ohh Yeah

Gotta change my answering machine
Now that I'm alone
Cause right now it says that we
Can't come to the phone
And I know it makes no sense
Cause you walked out the door
But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore"

Simon then raises his hand. They tell us comments, Katy tells Niall that he might need to wait. I didn't say it but I was like, 'Bullsh** Nialls amazing!' Then they went to the answers on whether he'd make it or not....

Louis then asks, "Simon? Yes or no?"

"I'm going to say... Yes!"

"Cheryl? Yes or no?"

"I'm sorry but i'm gonna have t say no." Oh come on really? Niall's a great singer!

"Well! I'm going to say. Yes!!!" yells our Louis.

"Oh come on! Your seriously leaving me to decide whether he gets in or not!" Yells Katy.

We smile and wait for her answer...

"Ummm.... I'm.... I'm going to say.....Yes!"

"Woohoo!!! Ya!!" Niall and I screamed!

They smiled and laughed, "Okay now it's your turn Tella." said Cheryl.

"Oh... heheh right....well here I go...."

"hmmmmmm ooooo ya.....

Some people search for a fountain.... The promise is forever young..... Some people need! Three dozen rOoosees!! and thats the only way you prove you love them..."

Simon raises his hand and they all comment. And it comes down to the answers.

"Yes...." says Katy

"Yes..." says Cheryl

"I'm gonna say no... for now..." says Simon. Some pple boo.

"I'm gonna say... Yes!!"

"OH MY GOD!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!" I scream and they all laugh. Niall and I hug each other and I start crying happily.

"Thank you!" we both say, and we walk off the stage....

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