I Am An Artist! I'm Here to Live Out Loud!

Tella Horan is an amazing artist..... singing, visual arts.... But, unlike her brother Niall, she has decided to not fufill her dreams just yet.Then when her brother decideds to pull her into the audition her life changes. It's been 2 years since she and Niall have seen each other. They were besties, never able to part. But, after she reunites with her brother, the lads and falls for one of them again.... tragedy strikes. Will things be the same again?


31. Hey Guys! Need help! Please Read!

So I read that the Movellys are having a Fanfiction award! So I really would want to win one for it and it would be great if you'd help! I'd love it so much! It's my first one and I see that many of you favourited, for a first movella of mine I was really surprised so many liked it! Please help me out! Thanks! Any 6 of mine you can nominate! Love you all! It would mean a lot. If I win I'll have a contest for a new movella and if you win you'll be the main character!

Go Go Go! once I see someone nominate I'll put them on a list on a movella book to keep track on who wants to be in! Leave your kik on the comments when you see a new movella of mine called:

"JJPINK12's movella Contest"

Then if you win I'll kik you!

My kik is JJPINK12, so that you know. you can also kik me there to help me with ideas!

Thanks lots!


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