I Am An Artist! I'm Here to Live Out Loud!

Tella Horan is an amazing artist..... singing, visual arts.... But, unlike her brother Niall, she has decided to not fufill her dreams just yet.Then when her brother decideds to pull her into the audition her life changes. It's been 2 years since she and Niall have seen each other. They were besties, never able to part. But, after she reunites with her brother, the lads and falls for one of them again.... tragedy strikes. Will things be the same again?


7. Bumping Into You

*Ring* *Ring* I picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi.... Is this Tella Marie Horan?" said a familiar voice.

"Yes...whose this?"

"You know who?"

"No.... I... I don't...." I was so confused. Who the hell could this be? Hmmm..... ever since i'd become famous like my brother I knew so many people.... But I forget who this was!

"*sigh* It's Sarah!"

"Ahhhh!!! Sear Bear!!!!!!"

"Yes Teddy! It's meh!!!!!"

"OMG!! How r u?"

"Good...! But what about you!? You're famous now!!"

"Ya but you know... I kinda miss my old life.... You know.... hanging with Niall..... everything! I don't regret it though..."

"Yupp.... I know what you mean but hey! There's gonna be good news!"

"What good news?" I asked suspiciously. I knew she had a surprise.

"Turn around."

I turned around and at the door was my friend! Sarah Penninton. She was waving through the window with her winter coat on looking so cold! I hung up the phone and screamed as I got the door. She ran inside. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" We both screamed. "How are you?" I said happily.

"Very good! Got something to tell you!"

"What? I asked my mom and dad... they said I could live here with you!" I was shocked.... but very happy.... No wonder she had so much havy suitcases!

"OMG!!!! YAY!!!" I screamed. She laughed as we chatted and caught up together. Apprantly she watched Niall and I on XFactor. She told me she voted everyday for the both of us. I smiled and told her my experiences and what happened to me and Harry. She sighed and said that if we ever find each other again.... We need to go back together. I smiled and asked her who she had in mind..... she didn't say anything for a while but I knew she was trying to figure out who to say....


"Liam?! As in Payne?"

"...yes..." she barely whispered it. I almost didn't here what she said!

"*GASP* Really?!"

"Heheh ya......"

"Awww! Sear Bear!"

She blushed to the ground. "Well I'm gonna go grocery shopping. There's a spare room beside mine, the other 5 are for when the guys are here.... but it's been a long time.... Ummm... so you want anything?"

"Oh sure! An iced cappucino from starbucks."

"Oh La La! great taste! Well okay!" I then grab my coke hat gloves and sunglasses.

"Why are you wearing your sunglasses?"

I looked at her with that look of 'lol seriously?' She laughed then replied. "Oh... Heheh right!" She waved goodbye as I left and locked the door.


I arrived at the starbucks after getting some cream cheese and bagles from the store. Hi can I have an iced capucinno and a french vanilla coffee double double?" "Yes sure! ...... psst by the way... your Tella Horan right?" He whispered the last part so that only I could here. I smiled "Yes." He smiled back then got me my drinks. I walked to a table to find Sarah there. "You were taking long so I walked here." I laughed as I gave her the cappucinno. As I took my cup there was a number. I smiled but he wasn't really my type. Maybe we could be friends.

Harry's POV:

I was in the starbucks sitting in the back. No one had noticed me yet. Well I guess they wouldn't since we didn't tell anyone of being back... so they wouldn't look for us. I suddenly here a laugh. A laugh I hadn't heard in a long time.....

But it can't be hers.... maybe I don't know. She turns around sunglasses still on but her hat and jacket off. Same.. highligted blonde and brunette hair.... same blue eyes..... same laugh, smile and perfect teeth. It must be her.... we'll have to see.

Tella's POV:

"So ya like anyways he gave me his number but i don't really like him! what should I do?"

"Huh? I don't know..... why don't you try it out?" said Sarah smiling. "He is practically 'the boy next door'."

(Authors Note: Sarah P. If Your reading this.... You'll know what I mean.... heheh -Janice)

"What do you mean?"

"*sigh* I gues i'll have to explain..." she said sarcastically. "He is your next door neighbor....."


"But.... I'm not over Harry..."

"Well  you'll have to wait then! I'm gonna go... I'm tired...."

"Oh right... jetlag."

"Yupp..." she looks at her clock, "It's like 3pm in America...... huh.... when you want to become a designer...." she then smiled. "Well Night!"

I chuckled and as before she left. "You sleep at 3pm?"

"Yes.... I wake up at 5am and end at 3pm... So busy...."

I laughed and waved goodbye. I checked the clock. 8pm. Already? Wow the day went  by fast. I turn around. There were only old people here now. I take off my glasses. I look behind me to see a boy wearing a beanie and sunglasses looking at me. Huh? I ignored him and smiled to the waiter. "Thanks." I got up to go out the door.

"OOF!" I fall to the ground.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" said a familiar heavy british accent.



He took his glasses and beanie off. I gasped. He was then bumped into by a waiter and fell on top of me. I looked up at him our eyes locking. "Harry? Where'd you-" said another familiar voice... an Irish one......








Niall's POV:

"Harry? Where are you-" I looked to the ground to see Harry on top of a girl. They had locked eyes to each other. Then the girl looked at me.... Tella?! Harry then sttod up then helped her up. "Niall!" she yelled as she came and jumped to me. We hugged each other and I laughed. Then I looked at Harry. "What were you doing with my sister?" I glared at him. He knew about us being siblings and all..... and he knew I was protective of her but why should I? He was one of her best friends.

"I bumped into her and when we recognized each other I umm... Okay so..... basically I was going to help her up then some waiter bumped into me and we fell onto each other."

"Oh... I see...."

"Ya Niall...." Tella smiled. "I'm glad I bumped into you two." I then noticed she was trying to avoid Harry. Had something happened to them before? They weren't like this two years ago....

"Well ya! We're back! Simon wanted me to call you so that we can do a tour together for Canada." I said.

"Oh cool! Ya okay and umm... could Sarah come?"

"Wait..... Sarah Penninton?"


"She's here?"

"Ya she just moved in with meh today!"

"Oh... well ya sure! Totally! So umm... we're going to the beach house for a week in Florida to just hang and then we'll start the tour the saturday after that. Starting from Orlando Florida."

"Okay... when do we pack?"

"We're leaving Sunday so you should pack today then come by our house." said Harry.

"Kay.... come over.... you bring a car?"

"No I walked."

"Ya same here." said Harry.

"Okay we'll drive to my house, pick up Sarah and my stylist Shannon then go to your house."

"Sure let's go!"


Tella's POV:

I was so excited! Well... for the most part.... I'm excited to be with everyone but I'm more nervous to be around Harry..... what should I do? Tell him I love him? Tell him that I'm not afraid anymore?

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