I Am An Artist! I'm Here to Live Out Loud!

Tella Horan is an amazing artist..... singing, visual arts.... But, unlike her brother Niall, she has decided to not fufill her dreams just yet.Then when her brother decideds to pull her into the audition her life changes. It's been 2 years since she and Niall have seen each other. They were besties, never able to part. But, after she reunites with her brother, the lads and falls for one of them again.... tragedy strikes. Will things be the same again?


24. A New Beginning! Or...... Tragedy?


"Did you use pro-"

"YES! okay! Gosh.... Your so embarrassing....." I say laughing.

"I know..... So when'd you meet him?"

"Ya 'Blue' " says Sarah.

" *sigh* Well he moved in two years ago. We became friends and stuff.... Then he asked me out almost a year ago. He calls me blue because of my eyes. Apparantly my eyes are as blue as the Blue Jays back in Canada. He got a scholarship to come here. He had alot of scholarships actually. His late girlfriend..."


"Ya.... Her name was Jannine. She died in a car crash."

"Oh my gosh!" they gasp.

"So anyways, his late girlfriend helped him get it. She was going to go here too. When he saw me he knew who I was... You know. Niall Horan from One Directions sister, and well known artist Tellise Horan, aka Tella. When we became friends he said I remind him of her. Then well you know the rest."

"Aw!" says Shannon.

"So where are you goning for your honeymoon?" says Louis smiling.

"I don't know yet. We'll decide when the time comes. He said we should go to Cnada and he'll tour me from British North America to Quebec."

"That's so cute! When are ya gonna get married?"

"Sept 2 2013."

"That's in like a year!" says Liam and Sarah.

"Well we have to get ready for it!"

"Why september 2?" asks Niall, probably knowing why. His face just tells me.

"It's between my birthday and his."

"Oh!" They all say.

"Ya he turns 18 on Sept 3rd and I turn 18 August 31st (~This is a day before mine -Janice)"

"Cool! You guys have your birthdays are so close!"

"Heheh ya."

"What's wrong?"

"I just hope Harry doesn't mess this up for me. I mean ya I still love him... but now it's only cause I see him as a friend... or more like an aquaintence."

"So there's not going to be a chance for you to love him?"

"I've moved on. He just needs to find someone else. He just needs to finally let me go."

Niall's POV:

Now I feel really bad. Mainly because I hadn't told her what really happened that day. Now Harry can never be with Tella...."

A year Later: Harry's POV:

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!" says the priest. It's been a year. Tella has forgiven me. For everything. We're friends now. But I would've liked to have been more than that. Only there's someone else for her. I haven't let her go of my heart yet.... but I will eventually.

"We'd like to give a toast!" The boys and I say. "Tella.... Max.... We hope you two will be happy together. We hope your future will have amazing memories. We wish you luck on your journey's"

"Tank you!" says Tella.

"Thanks guys!" says Max.

"No problem!"

We party and dance. I'm surprised though! Niall isn't drinking so much. Maybe since he's dated Shannon. I look for him to see he's having a make out session with Shannon.... *sigh* I chuckle to myself. I look to my right to see Tella. "On the count of three I'm going to throw the bouquet! One... Two.... Three!" I look to see who caught it. I then hear a squeal. I laugh as I see Sarah hold it up in the air. Max comes over and gets the garter. He throws it and coincidently Liam catches it! Damn it! Heheh. Time for our song.

"But I see you with him! Slow dancing, tearin me apart cause you don't see! Whenever you... kiss him I'm breakin! Oh how I wish that was meeeeeee! Oh how I wish that was me....."

"Okay! It's time for the couples first dance!!!!" yells Sarah. I laugh because she so drunk on Martini's. Liam walks to her laughing as he picks her up. Shannon and Niall sit together. Zayn and Perrie are walking to their seats and so are Lou and El.

As she and Max start dancing I smile. I guess I should be happy. I want her to be happy anyways so I should be for her. I watch them dance then suddenly Tella drops to the floor! Max catches her before she falls "TELLA! WAKE UP!" he says shaking her.

"Tella...? Tella?" He's crying now. We run over.

"Come on! We need to take her to the hospital!" I say.

We run to the limo. What's happening? What's wrong with Tella?!



Sorry for the cliff hanger! heheh! write more next week! Gonna be busy! Thanks for 566 views! What do you think happened? Comment, Like Favourite! Thanks!



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