The Way That You Do

After Lexis' mother died, her father became abusive. One day when she comes home late, she gets fed up with it and leaves. Her life turns into a adventure as she meets Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn


3. Nemo

I awoke to the smell of pancakes.

"Wakey wakey..." I voice said into my ear.

"Good morning Niall." I said leaning up.

"I gotta feed Max..." I said getting up.

I stopped in my tracks.

"And I have no food for him." I groaned facepalming.

"It's okay. I went out and bought food and a bowl for him." Niall said standing up.

"Aw really! Thanks Niall." I said with a smile.

"Your welcome Lex." He said walking past me into the kitchen.

"The boys are coming over for breakfast if thats okay." Niall said just before there was a knock on the door.

"Oh god I look horrible!" I said glancing in the mirror.

I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair.

"Fuck." I cursed under my breath. All my stuff was in my car. No time.

I began to fix my hair the best that I could and I rummaged through Niall's stuff looking for a spare toothbrush.

I finally found one and brushed my teeth really quickly.

I came out of the bathroom after I made myself look decent and walked into the kitchen.

"And here she is now!" Niall said as he was putting pancakes on the table.

I scanned the room.

Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn. I was in the same room as One Direction.

Harry was whispering something to Liam and I read his lips. He had said "She's hot."

Liam smacked him upside the head before glacing back up at me.

"We don't bite ya know." He said with a laugh.

"Sorry, I can be shy at times...." I say sitting down in between Harry and Niall.

I dig in and after everyone has stopped eating we decided to watch a movie.

While Niall got the tv ready I got on the floor and began to play with Max.

"Who's a good boy? Yes you are, yes you are!" I said in a baby voice to him.

Zayn looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

"That's hot." Harry said just before Liam smacked him upside the head again.

"Have you not learned your lesson?" Liam asked him.

"What should we-" Niall started to say but me and Louis cut him off.

"FINDING NEMO!" We both yelled at the same time and I high fived him.

I curled up on the floor with Max and the movie began.

*After the movie*

"I'm hungry!!" I whined sadly.

"We'll go out to eat then." Liam said standing up.

"Lemme run to my car to get my clothes then." I said grabbing my car keys and running out the door.


I had thrown on a pair of black jeans and a blue tank top before following the boys out the door.

While we were driving in the car I pulled Niall's phone out of his pocket.

The boy didnt even notice.

I pulled up his twitter and began to tweet.

@Lexis1Ddedicated- OMG you are so pretty and amazing! #hacked

I sent the tweet before handing Niall his phone.

"HOW?" He yelled confused. "YOU'RE A NINJA!"

I winked at him before getting on my phone, and retweeting his tweet.

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