The Way That You Do

After Lexis' mother died, her father became abusive. One day when she comes home late, she gets fed up with it and leaves. Her life turns into a adventure as she meets Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn


7. Live While We're Young

I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

I didn't know what to say.

It was my first time falling in love and I was scared.

I stood up and darted off inside the house to hide.

I went into the washroom closet and closed the door, sitting down, pulling my knees to my chest.

I felt hot tears stream down my face.

Why was I crying? I just kissed the guy I had feelings for.

I hadn't heard Niall come in yet so I walked out of his flat and took the lift up to the roof.

I sat down and hung my legs over the edge.

I sat just looking at the cars below and gazing at the London Eye in the distance.

It sadly began to pour so I sat in the rain.

"Why did you run off?" Niall asked suddenly.

"Where did you come from?" I asked not turning around.

"I snuck up here." He says walking towards me.

"Go away." I mummer, not wanting to talk about my weird ass feelings.

I looked down towards the street.

Guess what I saw!

My father. And he was looking right at me.

"Go go go!!" I yelled standing up and pushing Niall towards the lift.

We went down and went into his flat to get Max. I didn't want him getting hurt.

We ran back out and through the back door.

"C'mon!" He yelled running out the gate and towards the street.

"Where are we going?!" I asked running after him.

"Liam's flat! It's just a few blocks down!" He yelled, slipping and sliding in the rain.

We soon arrived at his flat and we practically stormed inside.

It was really dark and I felt someone slam me up against the wall.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Liam asked.

"Uhm, hello there!" I said with a laugh.

Liam drew back and walked away to turn on a light.

"What are you doing here?" He asked when he saw the both of us.

"My dad found me." I said sadly.

"Oooh. You're welcome to stay in the spare bedroom." He said walking into the kitchen for a glass of water.

"I'll take the couch." Niall said but Liam stopped him.

"The couch has an occupant." Liam said looking over to a sleeping Louis. He had obviously gotten drunk and passed out.

Liam looked over and saw I was still in my bathing suit.

"Do you-" I started to ask but he cut me off.

"Niall has a ton of clothes in the spare bedroom." He said before walking towards his room.

Soon I was in a pair of Niall's sweatpants with one of his t shirts on. We both climbed into the bed, facing away from each other.

About ten minutes passed when I felt Niall roll over and put his arm around me.

It was comforting so I didn't wake him up. I just closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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