The Way That You Do

After Lexis' mother died, her father became abusive. One day when she comes home late, she gets fed up with it and leaves. Her life turns into a adventure as she meets Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn


6. Feelings?

"Let's go out to the pool." Niall said from his spot on the floor.

"YES! POOL PARTY!" I yelled jumping up to go get changed.

"We're all gonna get wet!" Louis said standing up.

I stopped in my tracks and pretty much fell to the floor laughing.

"THAT SOUNDED SO DIRTY!" I yelled from the floor.

"Shut up." He muttered going to get changed.

After I had changed into my solid black bikini I followed the boys outside.

I dropped my towel in the grass and walked towards the water still in my huge shirt. I hated showing my body.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked.

"Getting in the water..." I said turning around.

"In that?" He asked pointing to the shirt.

"Yeah... I hate my body." I said turning back around.

"No!! Your body is beautiful!" Louis yelled before running towards me.

I turned around and began to run right before I was body slammed by both Niall and Louis.

Niall straddled me while Louis held my arms down.

Niall ripped off my shirt before running away.

"Really?" I asked standing up covering up my body.

"You're skinny as hell! Stop covering up your body!" Zayn yelled before jumping in the pool, in the shallow end obviously.

"Fine whatever." I said putting my arms at my side.

*Three hours later.*

Everyone had left so I was laying in the grass looking up at the clouds.

Niall came out with one of those white button up shirts on with kahkis.

"What are you still doing out here? And why haven't you changed?" He said sitting down beside me.

"Just thinking." I sat sitting up next to him.

"You're shivering." He said unbuttoning his shirt and putting it on me.

"Thanks..." I muttered blushing.

I stared at the ground, hoping he wouldn't see my rosy red cheeks.

"Hey... look at me..." He said placing two fingers under my chin and tilting it up.

I blushed even harder just looking at him.

His face slowly inched closer to mine, until our lips locked.


|| Okay so sorry I didn't post yesterday I had a TON of homework. And update on my friend Ahsan.The doctors say he will be waking up sometime soon... maybe even talking. But my friend says if he does wake up he will end up being a vegetable, or pretty much mentally retarded. (YES, I know bad word...) But thank you for all the support! You are all making me feel better! Follow my instagram. @elena_horan_directioner Thanks guys!! ||

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