Got to Get Out

Avery O'Brian lives in Tampa, Florida, with her 10 year old sister Torey, and abusive father. Things have been hard since their parents split, but her dad didn't have to come home every night high and drunk. The one thing she can't stand, is One Direction. She thinks they are spoiled brats who do the music business just to get money. She meets them, and wants nothing to do with them. But when Torey grows attached to the boys, how could she make her sister unhappy? But she could never like them. Especially Harry. Or could she? No never...


4. Why did he look at me like that?

As we entered the airport of screaming girls, I instantly covered me ears. "Damn, why are they so loud?" I said.
"BECAUSE its ONE DIRECTION that's going to be landing, and dot swear!" She replied back.
I groaned as she pulled me through the crowd. We stood at the gate, a couple rows back from the front.
"I'm going to be by the wall," I yelled to Torey.
She nodded, then tried to push her way to the front.
I leaned up against the wall, and plugged in my headphones.
The girls screamed louder as I looked up. 5 boys walked down the cleared aisle. A boy with brown curly hair stared at me intensely. I have him a "WTF" look, and went back to my iPod. I looked up again to the spot where I saw Torey before, but she wasn't there.
Harry's POV
As we walked down the aisle and the fans cleared, I noticed one little girl, looking around frantically. I walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.
"Excuse me, love? Are you okay?"
She looked up and tears spilled from her eyes.
"I can't find my sister!" She cried.
"Oh no oh no oh no it's ok, don't cry!" I said, not sure of what to do.
"What does your sister look like?"
She sniffled. "He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a green strapless shirt with jean shorts,"
My mind went back to that beautiful girl I saw leaning against the wall.
"Okay, we are gonna find her," I said, grabbing her hand. A couple minutes later, we were about to call Security, when I hear a loud voice behind me. "TOREY!"
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