Got to Get Out

Avery O'Brian lives in Tampa, Florida, with her 10 year old sister Torey, and abusive father. Things have been hard since their parents split, but her dad didn't have to come home every night high and drunk. The one thing she can't stand, is One Direction. She thinks they are spoiled brats who do the music business just to get money. She meets them, and wants nothing to do with them. But when Torey grows attached to the boys, how could she make her sister unhappy? But she could never like them. Especially Harry. Or could she? No never...


2. Turn That Noise Off!

"TOREY! Turn that noise off!" I yelled from my room.
"IT'S NOT NOISE! IT'S MUSIC!" She yelled back.
After 10 more minutes of continuous One Direction, I finally stomped into her room.
"I told you to turn it off!" I yelled over the noise.
"We'll I happen to like them!" She says back.
I look around her room. How does she live in here? Her yellow room with bumblebees flying on the walls, the white bedset and furniture, and the worst, the dozens of posters of One Direction that were stuck to her walls and ceiling.
I hurried over to her iPod, and pressed pause.
"Hey!" She said
"Other people live here too you know! You can't just blast music whenever you want! If dad was here, he would be wringing your neck!"
I saw the years start in her eyes, and I immediately felt horrible.
I sighed and gave her hug.
"Sorry. I've been a little frazzled since the incident with dad," I told her. "Play your music. But on low please!"
"I promise!" She chirped.
I went back to my room, and just stood in the doorway. 3 of my wall were painted gray, and one was painted hot pink. My dresser was made of a light brown colored wood. My bedset was paint splatters with the same colors as my walls. I liked dark colors. I wasn't sure why, but it just explains my mood most of the time. Dark. Sad. Depressed. I try to hide it, but with just my luck, I suck a faking.
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