Got to Get Out

Avery O'Brian lives in Tampa, Florida, with her 10 year old sister Torey, and abusive father. Things have been hard since their parents split, but her dad didn't have to come home every night high and drunk. The one thing she can't stand, is One Direction. She thinks they are spoiled brats who do the music business just to get money. She meets them, and wants nothing to do with them. But when Torey grows attached to the boys, how could she make her sister unhappy? But she could never like them. Especially Harry. Or could she? No never...


1. My usual day

Avery's POV
I cried out as the cold hard hand hit my cheek. I feel to the ground, as he mumbled, "Better teach you a lesson," and sat back to the couch. I held back the tears. I was used to this. But I couldn't just stand there. Stand there and watch him call her stupid, and say nasty things to her, and if she started to cry, he would tell her to shut up. He can't get her like that. I shouldn't have said anything but I had to.
I stood up, ad took Torey's hand. I lead her upstairs and to her room, where I closes her door quietly shut. She was still a bit in shock. She's never been here this time of day, so she doesn't know that he does this. He knows he hurts me, but she's never seen it before. I rushed over and grabbed her shoulders.
"Are you alright? Did he hurt you?" I asked worriedly.
She shook her head, and pulled her in close for a hug. I stroked her hair and said, "As long as I'm here, he's not gonna hurt you. I promise,"

As we boarded the plane, I could already fell tw excitement running through me. We were going to Tampa, Florida, for a little vacation before the next tour. I'm planning on having fun! No parents, no girlfriends, so we can do anything we want.

Maybe I could finally find the one.
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