The Choice

Bri is just a normal teenage girl. She goes on vacation expecting to come back with souvenirs... Not a boyfriend. Her boyfriend ends up to be the one and only, Niall Horan from One direction, when Harry starts to develop feelings for Bri, she is confused.. Who should she choose the Adorable Irish boy who is lonely, or the Flirty British boy with a broken heart?


1. The perfect vacation

Bri's POV:
I wake up to the lights streaming through my blinds that are opened halfway. I suddenly jump up, today I was going to Mullingar,Ireland! Since I was turning 17 in a couple of days my big brother and my mum wanted to take me on vacation. "Bri come on we need to go!", my big brother,Josh, screams from downstairs. I groan. "I'm coming!",you scream and run downstairs, greeted bye a hug and a breakfast bar shoved in your hands.
Niall's POV:
I stepped outside my house in Mullingar,Ireland, but not before checking to see if there was a mob outside. I mean don't get me wrong I love being famous and singing in front of huge crowds, but a boy needs his privacy right? I suddenly had the urge to eat, again. I walked down to a small cafe right down the street and ordered my meal.
Bri's POV:
I stepped off the plane. Wow, that was the most boring plane ride ever. My mum and Josh decided to head off to the flat they rented and told me to explore. I was hungry so I decided to see if there was anything that sounded good. I walked into a cute little cafe. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, but when I looked up I was on the floor with a cute blondeboy with amazing blue eyes hovering over me. "Uh, hi", I said awkwardly.
Niall's POV:
I look away for one second and then I end up on top of a beautiful girl, who looks around my age with beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes. "Uh, hi", she said awkwardly. I could stay like this forever! Time to make my move....
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