How These Five Guys Fell For Me.

Annabelle's current boyfriend Howard is abusive, physically and sexually. She runs away to find Liam Payne waiting to take her home to 4 guys who slowly start to fall for her.


3. Safety but not security.

|Annabelle| I look up at the figure as he leans over me. "Why would I hurt you?" a sweet British accent asks. "Uh..." "I'm Liam Payne. What's your name?" "Liam Payne as in Liam Payne of One Direction? I'm Annabelle." "Yes. That Liam Payne. You have a very pretty name." he says. I smile at him lightly and reach for my bag but he beats me to it. "Where are you going?" he asks. I shuffle my feet, "Well I sorta ran away..." I mutter. "Well than I know where your going." he states and heads off in the other direction. I stare at him quizzically. "Your staying with us of course." he takes my hand and pulls me along. "The lads are gonna love you.-blah blah blah" I drowned him out and start to think about 'What if they don't like me? What if they hate my guts? What if they rape me like Howard did?' those thoughts stop me in my tracks. "What's wrong Annabelle?" "What if they hate me? Liam, what if they rape me?" I say drastically. He looks taken aback. "They wouldn't do anything like that! They are my best mates! Annabelle why did you run away in the first place?" he asks. "Myboyfriendrapesandbeatsme." I say really quickly.
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