How These Five Guys Fell For Me.

Annabelle's current boyfriend Howard is abusive, physically and sexually. She runs away to find Liam Payne waiting to take her home to 4 guys who slowly start to fall for her.


1. Pain.

|Annabelle| He slaps my face and I cry out in pain. "Howard, why are you doing this to me?" I cry. He laughs evilly and slaps me again. "You're an ugly b*tch. I don't know why I ever dates a creature like you." he growls and shoves me to the ground. "Howard please don't!" I cry as he tears at my clothes. "Now for the fun part." he laughs. I scream and try to get him to stop, only making him go more. "Howard please!" I beg. He finally finishes, leaving me on the ground in a terrified ball. After a few minutes of lowing there I get up and attempt to climb the stairs to my room. I need to get away.
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