Always Smile

Amore was a normal girl. She fits in and always knew how to light up a room. But what people don't know is that not everything is perfect in her world... and this secret may lead to her end...


13. Slipped Away ~Avril Lavigne

This time, we got back to the hotel at about 11. Everyone was still up in our room watching tv. Our hair and  clothes were still damp. Everyone looked up when we walked in.

"Where did you guys go?" Zayn asked leaning back on the couch.

We looked at each other, then shouted, "OUR SECRET PLACE!!" right in his face.

"OW!" He yelled, covering his ears. We laughed and went to go change. As I was walking to the bedroom, Harry pulled me to the side.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" He asked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw April give me one of the biggest death glares ever. If looks could kill, then I would be dead about a hundred times, give or take a few.

I turned my attention back to Harry and said, "Okay."

He pulled me into the hallway and stood facing me. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, until I finally asked, "So what did you wan to talk to me about?"

"I love you." He blurted out.

I opened my mouth to speak, but he held his hand up and continued, "I love the way your bangs fall over your eyes when you look down, I love the way you look away when you think, I love the way that you giggle at the most random things. I love how you aren't afraid to be out there and show people your true colors. I love how you stand up for yourself and others. I love you Amore, and I just want you to be mine."

I looked at him speechless, then I looked away. He turned my face towards his and crashed his lips onto mine. Sparks erupted between us and my skin tingled. When I pulled away, he hugged me close.

"Will you be mine?" He asked.

I looked at him, then I finally spoke up,


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