Always Smile

Amore was a normal girl. She fits in and always knew how to light up a room. But what people don't know is that not everything is perfect in her world... and this secret may lead to her end...


21. Goodbye ~Avril Lavigne

A/N: IMPORTANT!!!!! Listen to the song Goodbye by Avril Lavigne before, during, or after you read the chapter. Seriously though... Listen to it.....

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Amore's POV:

I hadn't spoken to Harry for weeks since the day I saw him last. The world had found out that I was alive and all was relatively calm. Whenever I walked out of my hotel, sure there was paparazzi, but I kind of got used to it. One thing I never got used to though was the hate from the fans. They would shout and call me a(n) whore, bitch, slut, undeserving asshole, and almost every name in the book. What bothered me most is that I have even been accused of harassing Harry.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my ringing phone. I checked and saw that I had a text from Louis. He was the only one out of the boys that I really talked to anymore. I definitely didn't talk to Harry and I only saw occasional massages on my phone from the others.

Meet by the mall @ 12?It read. 

Sure :) I replied. I quickly changed into a cream colored high-low top with black leggings and cream booties. I checked my clock, it was half past one. I grabbed a black messenger bag and my keys, then walked out the door.


Today, the fans outside were especially mad. They kept calling me names and it really started to bother me. At least it wasn't long before I flagged down a taxi and was on my way to the mall.

Outside the large building, I saw Louis and Rose sitting at a nearby table. And I walked over to them.

"READY TO GO SHOPPING?" I yelled in both their faces. 

They looked at each other then stood on either side of me.

"YES!" They yelled in both my ears. I shook my head and looped my arm into theirs as we began walking into the mall.


We had gone through the whole day without being interrupted by fans. Rose and I sat down at a nearby table, waiting for Louis to bring us our pizza. As we waited, three girls came up to us.

"Hey slut, why don't you go die for real?" One of them asked. The other two giggled behind her.

Rose stood up and faced the girl. "Don't. You. Dare. Talk. To. Her. Like. That." She said, drawing out each word.

"What are you gonna do? Push me off a cliff?" The girl said. Her clones laughed again behind her.

Rose's fist tightened and I grabbed it. "It's not worth it. Really." I whispered in her ear. The girls turned and walked away while I got Rose to calm down again.

"Doesn't that stuff hurt you?" She asked me.

"Honestly, a little. But what can I do about it?" I said to her. 

Just then, Louis came with our pizza.

"Why so glum?" He asked us.

"It's nothing." I told him. He met my eyes and I knew that he sensed something was wrong, but he left it at that. We ate our pizza while joking around. Before I knew it, it was 4 and Louis had an early day tomorrow because he had to be at an interview. He dropped me off at my hotel.

"See you later!" Louis and Rose chorused.

"Bye!" I said, climbing out of the car. He drove off and I turned around and went through the double doors. There were still fans outside shouting obnoxious things at me and I tried to ignore it. When I got to my room, I threw myself on my bed and grabbed my laptop. I logged onto twitter to read a bunch of hate.

@Amorelovesyou You skank!!!! How dare you be so mean to Hazza?!? You filthy little bitch!!!

Many of them were like that and it tore me apart a lot on the inside. I had been getting hate for weeks and the pain was just building up. I kept scrolling down and saw my 'favorite' tweet. It read:

@Amorelovesyou Please jump off a cliff! I'll help you if you need it :)

It had over a thousand re-tweets. And what did Harry do about it?


I went on his page to just see random stuff like 'Chilling with the babe' or random pictures of the boys. You would think that even if he didn't want to talk to me, he would still try to stop all of this madness.

But no. He did nothing.

~(A/N: Gosh these must get annoying. Sorry, but the next scene came to me while I was watching the movie "Cyberbully." Just wanted to address that =])~


3rd Person POV:

She was hurt. Deep. As she scrolled though the hate, the pain just eroded at her insides, eating away all the happiness that she had. It left her vulnerable. She wasn't thinking clearly. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

She turned on her webcam and began a live twitcam. Over five thousand people were watching. It was her note to the world. A note of why she now wanted to leave it.

"I'm Amore," She began. "and I don't know why everybody hates me so much.

But, maybe I do.

Because now, I hate myself too.

And right now," She said though tears, "I don't really see a reason to try.

Or talk.

Or breathe.

Or even live.

I'm just done."

"So that's it I guess." She said, finishing, "Goodbye." She whispered. Then she leaned over and turned off the camera.


Meanwhile, Louis, Rose, Raelynn, and even Harry had been watching. They looked at each other shocked. Then they rapidly got up and raced to their car, racing to save the girl's life again, just like they had a year before.

It wasn't long before they had reached the hotel. They sprinted up the stairs, adrenaline pumping their every move. Louis took out the extra key she gave him and opened the door.

"Amore!!" He shouted. No answer greeted him.


Amore's POV:

"Amore!!" I heard someone shout. I had locked myself in the bathroom, my knife was poised over my wrist.



Goodbye, my love.

Footsteps sounded closer. "Amore!" A female voice shouted this time. I let out a whimper. "Sorry..." I whispered to the air.

"I think I heard something over here!"

"Amore!" a voice shouted through the door.

3rd Person POV:

It was the voice of the boy that left her. She pressed the tip of the knife to her skin, making a small cut.

There was heavy thudding on the door, like someone was trying to break it down. She pressed deeper into her wrist, the pain causing tears to sting at her eyes. She began to feel faint and smiled. It would all be over soon. Just a little further.

The door smashed open with a loud thud.

"Amore." A voice breathed. It belonged to the boy with curly hair and bright green eyes.

I have to go.

And leave you alone.

But always know

Always know

Always know that I love you so.

She smiled up at him as her world went black.

A/N: Don't you just love cliffhangers? I know I do :) Lol anyways no school tomorrow because of hurricane Sandy attacking NYC :P and she didn't bring Spongebob or Patrick :( .............. Oh well :) Maybe I'll update tomorrow if I still have power.

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