Always Smile

Amore was a normal girl. She fits in and always knew how to light up a room. But what people don't know is that not everything is perfect in her world... and this secret may lead to her end...


6. Gift of a Friend

~Skip to the day before they leave~

All of my favorite clothes were packed for our two month journey. Finally, I would be able to leave! Not that New York City was bad, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice. As I added my flat iron into my luggage, My mother came into the room. I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back and said,

"Here, I've been meaning to give this to you." She opened her hand, and there she held one of the most beautiful necklaces I had ever seen. It was heart shaped with a small pink diamond in the middle. Around it was my name, my mothers name, and... My fathers? I looked at her, confusion written all over my face.

"I know that even though he left, you still love him."

As I heard her say those words, I realized that they were true. There was always a part of me that felt hollow when he left. I took the necklace out of my mothers hand. With tears threatening to spill, I pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Thank you mom, for everything." I finally said.

As we pulled away, I saw that she was tearing up too. She wiped her eyes and patted my cheek. And as she left, she kissed the necklace. I was blessed to have a mother like her. For the first time in a while, I went to sleep with a smile on my face. :)


~A/N: Sorry that the chapter was so short... I just really wanted to put in a heartfelt moment before Amore left. If you were wondering how to pronounce her name, it is pronounced ah-more-ay. Thanks for reading! Lots of love xoxo~

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