Always Smile

Amore was a normal girl. She fits in and always knew how to light up a room. But what people don't know is that not everything is perfect in her world... and this secret may lead to her end...


22. El Amor Que Perdimos ~Prince Royce <3

A/N: Sorry for the horrible updating, the hurricane kept me busy with relief efforts and whatnot :( Anyways... The translation for the title/song is "The Love That We Lost." ~Much love xoxo~

Amore's POV:

I woke up to the light beep of machines and looked over.  There I was, hooked up to a monitor. I sat up, and instantly felt lighter. Confused I looked down and gasped.

I saw a body- my body, eyes closed and skin pale. My hair was strewn all over the pillow as I breathed at a slow and steady pace. I jumped out of the bed and surveyed myself. I was floating about an inch above the ground and my skin was semi translucent.

What the hell is going on?


Harry's POV:

It was all my fault. I put my head in my hands and went back to the moment when we found her.

The torture in her eyes.

The pain.

The misery.

And it was all because I didn't stop the pain and the hate that people continued to throw her way. Where did everything go so wrong in our lives?


3rd person POV:

She drifted into and out of rooms, not meeting anyone who could help her.

Am I alone? 

It was a question she constantly asked herself. After hours of looking, she finally found someone. It was a woman in her late 60's drifting about in the room. Both of their eyes met. Then the woman opened her mouth to speak.

"Well hello there."


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